I see, since the media content is relevant and professional, need a kind of attitude, no accumulation of position and value is a motley crew. We are the millions since the media first clearly put forward the "anti grass root" idea, it makes us controversial, but also found a small settlement;

: Robbin, founder of JavaEye, Lilac Garden technology, VP. Public number: technical pioneering space. As a technician, why do you want to start a business? This article describes Robbin’s personal growth process, listening to how he embarked on the road to entrepreneurship in 2006-201 years.

then, you will find that the speed itself will form a new kind of power, such as · Finch described in the notes, "the force generated in the strong motion, force the greater consumption faster, violently against all obstacles."

I saw the rise of the middle class is a great outlet, in the face of this emerging market reason, please do not need to kill yourself, to do a real self, is probably the simplest and most effective "living way";

in 1980, when a young architect, Ando Tadao, met an older man on the streets of Tokyo, Ando asked him for the secret of success. Don’t look back. In this way, you will be able to see what you did not see."

I see, the era of content entrepreneurship is really coming. Here, either professional first, or form amazing, only paranoid and extreme can survive;

I’ve been confused since I went to college in 1994 and started working in 2006.

new world

then, I really saw something that I couldn’t see.

in the past two years, I and my ba nine Ling small partners have done so. The new world is a dragon, you ride up and down, don’t expect the opportunity, you must use all the power forward.

one day I accidentally saw an article on the Netscape Co report, introduces the history of SGI: Netscape co-founder Jim Clark Mosaic saw the potential of the browser, so the study found the author write Mosaic the University of Illinois student Mark Anderson, two people founded Netscape, developed the first generation of popular commercial software Navigator browser. Founded 16 months later, the successful listing, the market value reached $3 billion, 24 year old Mark Anderson became a billionaire, and personally opened the great Internet era.

this legendary story to scare my childish heart, then dream life is just so so, young became a billionaire, has changed the world. It was the first time the Internet bubble, the legendary story is staged every day, I can not help but marvel at this miracle industry. I get into the IT industry to start from the programmer, although I am not graduated from the computer, the main time when the University was placed in eating the economics textbooks, but still with a little basic computer and began self-taught programmer career.

I see that since the media has made the public lose their meaning, the niche has become a new popular culture, and the social centers have been subdivided so that

I see, in ecology from the media, replacing the content flow distribution, began to spread the value-added effect to text in the propagation process of nonlinear, automatically generate traffic, and traffic itself may by way of electricity supplier. In the mobile Internet era, payment, interaction, so that the channel is completely flat, the value of high-quality content is magnified, so as to have the ability to self outbreak;

sometimes, I often think of a scene Ando Tadao described in his book.


related stock movements

I see that the new world is not as chaotic as it is supposed to be. It is just restructuring out of control and aggregating in new ways of value link. Wu Xiaobo channel is a typical financial content provider, the past two years, I wrote two hundred columns, recorded more than 100 sets of video, nine Palestinian students spirit created more easily, more content, they constitute the core competence of the number of public. At present, 1 million 680 thousand subscribers are attracted by content, and their retention or departure is related to the content;

to the University before graduation, I still don’t know yourself what you want to do, want to see others are studying the TOEFL GRE, then followed for the TOEFL GRE queuing through the night to hear people say in finance; promising head office of Graduate School of Niubi, also severely gnawed many western economics textbooks; see students apply for university also followed the exam a. But everything is not maintained, either to give up or fail completely. When I was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, I was also very interested in preparing for the exam, but one day I suddenly lost interest in the postgraduate entrance examination. In short, in the face of career options and the future development of the road, there has always been a little smug, I encountered unprecedented embarrassment and frustration.

in the period of University, I always bring a sense of superiority, feel high, did not think much of the students around, especially those seemingly worthless classmates, never thought to be integrated into the students, but I don’t know what is his own ambition, do not know what love what, for what, no direction sense. I was particularly envious of the kind of person, is young, from the University era has been very clear what their future should do, the goal is very clear, a strong sense of direction, graduation began his career.