from the main advertising, advertising on their values of the forum there is great doubt, for the majority of the forum, despite the relatively large flow of people, but can continue to attract users of the service is not much, so the value of advertising co.. From the user’s point of view, their feelings about the forum are uncertain. In terms of content, a large number of forums lack original content; from the service point of view, a large number of forums lack rich applications. It seems that the forum has become neither of us to curry favor with.

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, the first prerequisite skills, even your own entrepreneurial projects are not, you want to talk about this business, or that you hypocritical, you either strength enough.

2, while freshman reported that their living expenses 1500 yuan to the wholesale market to buy ten sets of bedding bed sheet, quilt cover, pillow, quilt, mattress, a quilt, in addition to not cotton, other than to sell the school quality difference. My price is 260 yuan a set. The school sells 550 yuan, but one more bed sheet, quilt cover, pillowcase, and palm pad. At that time, students generally reflected that the school did not sell well, and the quality was very common.

from asking this question, you can know that you are not fit to start a business.

however, how to make money through forums is a headache. It is not an individual phenomenon, but a universal phenomenon. Even you such a community whose income and flow are not proportional, and numerous small and medium-sized forum? According to a recent data, 60% of the respondents forum, the average monthly income of less than 100 yuan, less than 15% of the forum the average monthly income of more than 2000 yuan, on the whole, the number of registered users less than 3000 the forum is only 1/4 to 1/3 website monthly income can be more than 100 yuan, when the number of million registered users of the forum, the website can get 100 yuan monthly income; on average, the average monthly income of some high-quality forum may be around 2000 yuan, while the average monthly income reached 10 thousand yuan for the proportion of the forum more than 10%.

bought it on the first afternoon and put it in the dorm and planned to start selling it in second days. As a result, at 10 in the evening, one of my roommates was playing a double bar downstairs. One of the parents who reported to the new school couldn’t find the place where the school sold quilts

, an entrepreneur from Shandong, Roman Tam is very opposed, not ready to start out of business is unscientific:

fourth, humbled himself a couple of years, waiting for the best chance, decisive shot, official business.

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at the same time, we found that the forum and email, instant messaging is essentially different with the new open source forum system like PHPWind continuously, the forum threshold becomes far less email and instant messaging, which makes the forum become grassroots and began to spread, when worthless can enter the field, the the field is difficult to generate giant is not difficult to understand.


based Internet application in several ancient, forum estimation is one of the most embarrassing, because either email or instant messaging, currently has a very successful case, we found that the Tencent fortune in , and the NetEase fortune in the mailbox, which does not seem to rely on big Internet Co forum. Tianya seems to be the most potential of a community forum, but the development of the world does not seem as smooth as other Internet Co, the listing is still a distant dream for tianya.

outright veto type

you have 50 thousand, 500 thousand and 5 million in your hand. You may not succeed in business. Now only one thousand pieces, how to start a business? See how they all answer.

third, 1000 yuan, you soak on the Internet, waiting for someone to answer you, if you go to work, make money, then your capital will become 2000 in 10 days, a month later will become 4000. See what I mean? While your time is not worth the scale or the time is still cheap, accumulate the raw capital while practicing your inner strength.

forum to get rid of profit of the storm, we must start from the application mode, through the service to attract users rather than rely entirely on the quality of the content, because the user not only to become a reader at the forum, but also to become a participant, so that it is conducive to the cultivation of forum "

, attract venture capital is nonsense, first, your strength is not enough, as the founder of no, lost 30% opportunities; second, you have no team, you lose 20% chance; third, you did not project, and lost 50% chance 30% business models, 10%, 10% the concept of.

second, the first you can not, your connections, channels and other resources, you naturally do not have. If you fix your internal strength, you will naturally know how to look for those resources and how to integrate them.

for such a problem, different people have different views, I would like to talk about myself.

however, the forum’s contribution to the Internet can not be denied. BBS is one of the earliest and most popular applications of Internet in China. It has become one of the most important basic points to support the power of Internet users. According to CNNIC statistics, 43.2% of Chinese Internet users often use forums, communities, discussion groups, community applications and instant messaging, e-mail equally. At the same time, due to the low threshold of community forums, a large number of small and medium-sized webmaster flocked to the forum for the development of continuous contribution to the force, and constantly through the forum to create rich and exciting content.

remember, when people don’t work, people say you’re 80%, and liars don’t believe it. .

entrepreneur, proved feasible with his own experience:

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