two, safety awareness,

eight, team consciousness,

now, very few webmaster don’t know seo. Three or four years ago, the SEO industry was so noisy that there were so many SEO blogs on the internet. After a period of noisy development, SEO has entered a stable stage of development, SEO technology has been recognized, and now SEO has become the standard of most sites.

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three, learning awareness,

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creates a website on the Internet, there will be Internet users to visit. Internet webmaster has the service consciousness, is enhances the website flow, increases the website "to turn over the guest" the foundation.

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every website is an integral part of the Internet, as the site administrator and the owner of the Internet webmaster, in addition to the constraint does not violate the rights of others themselves, should also have the conflict prevention and safety awareness of external intrusion.

Before talking about the consciousness that Internet webmaster should have,

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first explains what consciousness is. Consciousness is the function of the human brain, and it is a kind of spiritual activity of human beings. Meaning is self. Knowledge is cognition and cognition. So, what should be consciousness to Internet stationmaster? I think Internet stationmaster should have following consciousness.

1, legal awareness,

personal practice and experience of Shanxi SEO experience, let me realize that SEO not only can make a website with the search engine to improve website ranking, but also can improve the user experience of the site, make the site easier to use.

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website is the carrier of information. The information carried by the web site should be consistent with ethical and legal constraints.

seven, innovation awareness,

five, competition consciousness,

innovation is a long lasting topic, so the importance of innovation has been widely recognized. Internet webmaster should pay attention to training their own innovative consciousness.

the development of the Internet is fast, and there are websites disappearing and new websites being born at any moment. Websites and web pages of the same or similar subjects are also calculated with "massive data". How to make your website or web page stand out in many of the same or similar websites or web pages, and accept Internet users’ visit, you will need the Internet webmaster to have the consciousness of competition.

any knowledge system, if not updated immediately, will regress behind the times. The development of the Internet is changing with each passing day. As the Internet webmaster, only when we have the consciousness of learning can we keep up with the trend of the times and not be eliminated.

six and SEO consciousness

four, service awareness,