, did you really learn anything from your mistakes and failures? You may have learned not to repeat the same mistakes, but what’s the point? You still don’t know what to do next

"it doesn’t work in the real world", and when you introduce a new idea to people, people always answer you like that. This "real world" sounds so frustrating,…… Only one thing will be used for having heard it many times, victory, even these things have stale inefficient Its loopholes appeared one after another.

opens the lid of the "real world", and you’ll find that the people living there are full of pessimism and disappointment. To make matters worse, they want to drag others into their graves. If you are full of hope and ambition, they will try to convince you that your idea is impossible. They’ll say you’re wasting your time.

read "Rework". This book is a lot of times. Every time I read it, I have different feelings. But I have never recorded these feelings. Today I make some excerpts from the Rework book and summarize some of my thoughts. For your reference. This is a book that has poisoned me all my life. It’s also a book that makes me think a lot. People who want to see this article can read the book well. This book is not difficult to read. It’s a book you can read without interruption.

real world

, a very simple way for your ad set tracking channels, you can understand your advertising display and click

URL channels can track ads for the specified page

example tracks all pages of all subdomains

sports.example tracks only pages of the "Sports" subdomain

sports.example/widgets tracks all pages in a particular directory

sports.example/index.html tracks a specific web page

name themselves on the line

A specification or multiple specifications

can track the specified advertisement general advertising a channel tracking a specification

by this setting can understand the basic situation of your advertising. For you test what the advertisement effect is good.

here only the tracking method is simple. A time to look for a more detailed re posted

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: I often mention some of my ideas to a colleague and a friend. My friends and colleagues often answer me – something that someone or a team has done without success. Or tell me, you should be careful when you do this. Be careful with that. I think, this time is the most test of our time, we should have a clear mind to analyze other people’s words, others really do not represent themselves. Most people in this world are more conservative, and most of them are more or less afraid of the real world. Of course, you can choose to be popular, but if you want to make your life a bit different, some wonderful, I suggest you don’t most people think if you like, and most people like the idea, you will like most mediocre. Of course, if you’re different from most people, you’re either a genius or a fool. To prove that you are a fool, we can see if we have had some small successes or small successes in the past. If there is, then should be bold to adhere to their own ideas.

is overrated "learn from mistakes",

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

"the real world" doesn’t exist. It’s just an excuse for human beings. It’s just that some people have nothing to do with you in order to justify your inaction.