in 2009, YY’s fiery "let all speed up", Xing Shuai spy to the great prospect of Internet teaching. In this way, YY was born with a boring online training school for 60 million students.

a cock on the YY silk wonderful work, because you can not afford to read the school, they started a school, the earliest course fees only 10 yuan, this year is said to be able to do more than 1 billion.

1, online education user experience, micro innovation. The traditional education mode of dull and boring, Xing Shuai solution is to require teachers team in the teaching mode, content of each aspects of humor, down to earth, not only the teaching process without time limit, the online answer teachers up to 10 hours a day.

2010, Xing Shuai substantial expansion of teaching subjects, including Flash, illustrator, 3Dmax, C4D, Auto, CAD and other disciplines and skills training; the number of teachers in 2012 will increase to 100, the course price exceeded 1000 yuan, the cumulative premium of more than 150 thousand; in 2013, Xing Shuai College Network to get A round of financing, expected revenue of 1 to 150 million.

this cock silk barbaric growth story, very ground gas, very micro Innovation:

how a grassroots YY revenue over billions of


source: Forbes Chinese net room Xu

Xing Shuai Network Institute was established in 2008, plans to provide all kinds of employment oriented skills, textual research training. The name was given because the college was only one. The only teacher, the only course, tuition fees of 10 yuan, in 2008, Xing Shuai College Admissions Network 300 people.

= grass root counter attack line ===

Xing Shuai is satisfied with the current development rate of the network college, >

3, cock wire users also have powerful voting rights. In order to get rid of cock silk, let the teacher civilians, cock silk, and at the same time will give the students the right, the students paid the fee, have the right to let the teacher class, we take this to solve the quality of teaching problems.

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2, the key point of operation is the teacher. In order to stimulate the teacher’s content, output and quality, he spent a lot of money on teacher salaries, plus income sharing, with some excellent teachers earning as much as 100 to 2 million of their salaries.

got cock silk world, but also the need for barbaric growth of minimally invasive new. Who has attended this class? Welcome to leave a comment.

was unable to read college and was expelled from school, leaving him out of the way to get him on the road to entrepreneurship. "If I can’t afford to read it, I’ll run a school and let everyone learn the least amount of money. That’s my dream."." Xing Xing his own business process summed up as sad cock wire counter attack.