to net settlement billion unlike Ali mother like that, the money, the full one hundred yuan but only bear and bank card settlement, compared to Alipay and Ali mother, this is a great disadvantage.


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in small adorn article sales process, often customers put forward the demand of pierced ears, over time, the flower light tempted. After second years of practice, he bought a special gun for pierced ears, and started learning to do the business.

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had a discussion with his three sons on the naming of the store. The big son spent Jinhu think, now that my father surnamed flowers, "flower master" is good, concise and comprehensive, catchy, easy to remember. Flower scholar just quite agree with this, "flower master" jewelry shop was born.

activities, million for big buyers, crazy big purchases. Million to assist big buyers FT Chinese network, Lotto network, Tesco, crazy big purchase. A webmaster who registers and releases advertising positions before December 31st, so long as the price is reasonable, the big buyer will give you the ad. Activity time, from December 19th to December 31st, 24 hours. According to their customer service, as long as it is seven yuan, advertising will be closed.

but as an advertising agency of the same type, the billion dollar offer gives us a choice. For individual blogs or small and medium-sized webmasters, it’s always good to have an opportunity to make money, and competition can make us make more money.

and the mother of Ali, according to the week to sell advertising different places, million advertising network can customize the cycle of advertising, for example, can be sold by day. This advertising strategy is more flexible. In addition, 100 million net also provides competitive advertising, according to click to pay, and this is basically similar to Ali mother.

took the master’s two sons, worked in Sinopec refinery work, enterprise benefit and personal income are good, but in the end he followed his father’s advice, quit his job in the old city of Yinchuan opened a flower shop master second.

in 1994, Shi Guang was laid off from Yinchuan chemical fertilizer plant. After that, he set up stalls in the old city streets of Yinchuan, selling trinkets, earning seventy or eighty yuan a day, more than paying for work. But the stall was really hard, and then he just opened a small shop.

million and Ali mom, like advertising, trading platform. The so-called spot trading, that is, they do not directly provide advertising services, but through them, you can sell their advertising to advertisers, advertising transactions, resulting in advertising revenue.

activities will be registered with 20 yuan cash, the active time is from December 19th to December 31st, 24 hours. In a few days, if you’re interested in a million dollars, you should take it easy.

vertical positioning manual perforation technology gradually replaced gun style play.

billion, and add a fire, recommend a website to send 10 yuan to Yiqifa billion! United to engage in activities, a website now recommend the registration send 10 yuan in cash. But this money, look than grandma also difficult to get promotion, also registered a Yiqifa account, forget it, I do not charge the God.

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from Yinchuan to Beijing,

activities two, registered award, send laptops, genuine Zippo lighters, Swiss Army knives, U plates and other medals, activities time, from December 19th to December 31st 24. It’s just a raffle. If you can get it, it depends on your luck.

recently found a site similar to Ali mom ad trading site, www.yigao.

is a very romantic person. He used to have a lot of gizmos when he was working in a factory. He gradually discovered that the traditional method of gun pierced ears had the disadvantage of ear inflammation after drilling, and he was determined to study a new method to solve the problem. In 1998, launched the "flower master originality Chuaner security technology, and applied for a national patent.

in the eyes of flowers, although the pierced ears business is good, but after all, Yinchuan is a small city, in the local general store playing a pair of pierced ears one or two dollars, in the master shop, although expensive, but >

flower’s first store opened in Yinchuan concentric Road market, close to Ningxia University and The Second Northwest University for Nationalities. This is less than 5 square meters of small stalls, the initial sale of only some small ornaments, such as earrings, necklaces and so on, and the store’s consumption is mainly the students of the two universities, a small part of the surrounding high school students.

to register and use the billion net are relatively simple, I believe everyone can go to your registration and create advertising, I just began to try to use more billion advertising experience in the future will slowly tell you.

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Beijing gold building, Wudaokou clothing market four floor, there is a flower master specializing in playing pierced ears shop, although the area is only about 5 square meters, but pierced ears in the market segments, but it is well-known throughout the country. In addition to playing pierced ears, flower master also provides wear lip nail, Chuanbi nails, small jewelry sales and other services. Brand founder flower light has worked in this field for nearly 20 years, the cumulative service customers more than ten thousand people. At present, the flower master has opened stores in the country 12.

and network is currently at the end of the specific billion to three fire, and Ali mother seems ready to rush to.

and mom?

flower master service features are, pierced ears after playing, immediately wear silver nails, while coated with anti-inflammatory liquid, the ear is not red, not swelling, and provide follow-up services. As a result, customer satisfaction is high, word of mouth, the business better and better.