brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

in the face of growing demand for enterprise management and constantly changing, A5 brand website http://s.jz.admin5/ as an authoritative website under the platform of Admin5 station network, in addition to continuously improve web graphic design, CMS production, imitation station site two times the development of three core service quality, more is to consider the needs of all, the establishment of the enterprise initiative attack, tailored for the enterprise marketing package. A5 brand building has accumulated years of technical experience, and in the station service market formed a certain brand reputation. Put forward the concept of "marketing type website" first. Elaborate for the enterprise to launch a variety of science station plan, from the website characteristics and needs, from the web page production to website promotion, tailored to maximize the advantages of the site.

marketing package is mainly divided into three types: marketing standards, marketing development, marketing advanced type of three. Companies can choose for their own needs. A5 brand station’s intimate service, the biggest embodiment in the station service nuanced. Not only the site of the various functions, design specifications, the basic configuration, such as detailed list, the station details of the process of publicity. It is for enterprise SEO demand, in the package included SEO keyword optimization. Recently, sh419 frequently updated, all kinds of website keywords ranking has unstable signs, so good SEO optimization is particularly critical. Admin5 webmaster network as webmaster and network entrepreneur most

traditional enterprises wading the Internet, there will be more demand for e-commerce talent. At the same time, for enterprises to build a station, but also have higher requirements. Not only need more formal, professional and authoritative web site company, tailored to suit the company’s own development website. More needs network promotion, SEO optimization and other aspects of services to improve the functions of enterprise websites, to meet the new trends in the development of the Internet in the new direction, new requirements. To help enterprises accurate delivery of capital, saving manpower and material resources, received more desirable results. In the past, the traditional web site service, a little rough, less targeted, has been unable to meet the needs of individual owners, enterprise websites. If the personal webmaster and enterprise website difference and increasingly blurred, more of the owners involved in electronic commerce, industry website, and more and more enterprises to join the site network promotion, SEO optimization of the road, to seek better development. Whether personal webmaster, or enterprise website, have more energy into service and operation among them, in the station building, maintenance, marketing, SEO and other aspects of trying to find more external help.

with the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce has gradually matured and become a pillar industry of the internet. With the continuous development of e-commerce, 3000 small and medium-sized domestic enterprises will participate more in the Internet, from offline to online, and try more and more e-commerce development model. Enterprise websites have become the standard of traditional small and medium-sized enterprises".

, China’s father of PHS

the 1970 graduate of Nanjing College of Posts and Telecommunications, during the 1997 served as secretary of Yuhang Telecom Bureau, succeeded in PHS technology grafted to the fixed telephone network, China’s Telecom existing fixed telephone network "of the old tree made a sprout". It is the application of advanced technology to produce advanced productivity, reduce the cost, to provide quality and cheap service for the vast number of consumers, facing the growth point of the fixed network equipment with fading channel "second youth" for enterprises to find new business, become a revolution to the traditional telecom industry, and from the start Chinese PHS market.

in the reception yibobo to Yuhang to learn at the same time, he was frequently invited to lecture to go around, experiences, retiring Xu Fuxin bite resigned from the director of Yuhang Telecommunication Bureau office, a heart flutter in the PHS development. Resigned from the post of director of the Xu Fuxin become many multinational domestic and international enterprises of the Reds, all want to hire him in the past. But Xu Fuxin is aware that his roots in telecommunications, in his words, "I love my love of the telecommunications industry, PHS, the task now is to solve other problems of PHS call quality and technology, I believe that I can solve."

can foresee the application value of technology in production makes Xu Fuxin become fully deserve the PHS master. Xu Fuxin believes that in China’s telecommunications market has become increasingly open, the people of the "free to enjoy telecommunications services whenever and wherever possible," the strong demand of the situation, the fixed telephone operator if the solid conservative mode of operation, the fixed telephone network > Original