handle net all to do all around the goal of rapid listing, this also led to the handle crazy money burning, expansion, confusion management, and one-sided pursuit of sales.

what kind of webmaster can make money? I believe an entry-level webmaster may have asked such a question, I also like, once asked in my eyes "master", asked the day can earn hundreds of owners, they are always very mysterious said: you have to yourself, or tell you a lot of technical problems, the feeling is in some kind of opportunity you fall into the cliff and then picked up a general martial arts cheats. Now, I this rookie, after 1 or 2 years in the webmaster career, has become the eyes of some people "master", encountered the same rookie problem, I put money owners summarized as "diligence + friends"".

friends, want to mix in the webmaster circle, want to develop, have to go to meet some friends. Bored is new or senior, three lines, there must be my teacher, remember this sentence. Friends of the way to go, this is a word, what a friend can do for you? A friend can be in your station is PR0 is not included when you help to search for free as a Links, friends can in your site is K time to give you the injection rate, friends can enlighten you when you frustrated, the same is all each other.


Of course, now handle and

, IPO setback, friction

1, the founder pays too much attention to IPO and ignores his team building.

ignore the consequences of team building in the group purchase industry as a whole up development time is difficult to appear, and when the IPO handle setback after the team began all the disadvantages of hand exposure.

is lashou sanpower Group acquisition news caused widespread insiders sigh. In the old days, "buy boss" is how to step by step beyond it? Along the way, the handle nets have stepped on what pits?

therefore, entrepreneurs should be cautious about investment, the United States Group Wang Xing had said, "entrepreneurship should be a self financing thing, not just burn investors money."." At this stage, the founder must grasp the rhythm, in the direction of the two pursuit of scale and the pursuit of profit, profit to settle.

diligent, someone said that life is a gold mine that can be excavated and developed, but it is always different because of the different degree of diligence. If you are talented, diligence will do its part; if you are weak in intelligence, diligence will make up for its deficiency. Do stand is in need of such spirit, many grassroots Adsense day and night, the day before the people earn hundreds of scenery are based on the infinite sweat above, including website promotion, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow 10IP 100IP 1000IP, you can do? Can, believe that hard work can do the webmaster. Technology does not know how to do? Learn ah! Do not ask, learn so far, qinnengbuzhuo.

marriage sanpower group is a very wise choice. And with BAT>

as investors have strong investment liquidity pressures, so after the handle IPO setback, the dislocation of investors and the founding team vision. When both sides share their common goals, their mentality and goals have been different. This internal game has seriously affected the healthy development of hand in hand.

in fact, this situation in other group buying site also appeared in varying degrees. Public comment founder and CEO Zhang Tao once reflected: "all decisions are related to the use of people."." Full house network CEO Feng Xiaohai also gives a similar answer: "back to think, no matter how much worry, as the company’s CEO, should put their focus on the team."."

, the above 2, you grasp, well, Congratulations, money is sooner or later, there is nothing can not be done. In this paper, by the www.meinv86 station feeds, we welcome the exchange.

3, in succession after BAT incoming Group buy, handle reaction is a bit slow,

group purchase industry after thousands of war, gradually eliminated in many small and medium-sized group purchase website, then BAT also have incoming, sh419 acquisition of glutinous rice, the Tencent invested public comment, Ali shares of U.S. corporations. This time the handle should do is to find opportunities for cooperation with the giants, but they were behind the beat. Although the handle was not short of money at that time, but shake hands failed to catch up with the first express trend.

handle founder Wu Bo after leaving the handle also made some reflection, he was only prepared for IPO, financing after burning money, staking, and did not attach importance to their team building. It is said that there is a period of time inside the hands of the network recommended posts, one is a staff of the overall quality and teamwork ability, slowly problems.

After 2 founding team and investors