Abstract: when he was 15 years old, he joined the army and studied and maintained fighter planes every day. Later the plane appeared frequently in his works, "Shu Ke Sawyer" beta is the story of the little mouse, Shu Ke would not always be stigmatized as "thief", decided to open a helicopter to go outside rush, with labor in exchange for food.

but there are more and more letters at home, so I can’t put my family away. This makes Zheng Yuanjie a little worried.

November 2010, Zheng Yuanjie whim, he let the assistant to the young readers wrote to him from the house, when hundreds of thousands of letters were randomly selected from the ten letters, for the 10 year to his readers wrote in the universal small micro-blog.

"feelings" entrepreneurs eyes higher than the top, turn a blind eye.

in the last century, the 80s and 90s Beijing housing prices 1400 yuan, bought 10 suites, not for investment but to put letters! In 2016, the average housing price in Beijing has reached 50 thousand yuan, but he did not have to make money by selling.

– users mostly from the 345 line of the city and even villages, over 400 million subscribers, tens of millions of daily living, the idle rich aunt to feed a large number of broadcast platform anchor……

the English proverb says "the, elephant, in, the, room"". The development of quick, unfamiliar street people > The wind puffs the clouds away..

at that time, Zheng Yuanjie has passed the "Pipiru" and "the book", "Shu Ke and beta" and other works, soaring assets.

tyrant is capricious. At that time, Beijing’s house price was 1400 yuan per square meter, and Zheng Yuanjie bought 10 sets. Now, more than 100 thousand letters have been piled up in these houses, and even more so, the price of the 10 homes has turned to an incredible multiple!

in the Internet business circle, the sound has not yet arrived in the ears of many people, entrepreneurs are still scrambling to change the world, educate the public".

now, they think they have a be startled at, the world had never come into contact with the world: it exists in the city mainstream value and mainstream social networks, swallowing live goldfish, eat bulb, raw live eel, raw insects……

Zheng Yuanjie became one of the richest writer was Chinese, he used mobile phone China first, can even buy 500 yuan a pair of socks when the per capita monthly salary is one hundred or two hundred, wearing expensive German underwear, with MontBlanc pen……

chiefs believe that the future consumer market is in the hands of 700 million rural people.

, a huge crowd in the blind corner of the entrepreneur, created his own image in an absurd and uninhibited way, creating new events and new pop symbols.

founder Joe said: "when I was young think that science and technology can change the world, feel the world at that time most of the problems that can be solved by the development of science and technology, but with the increase of the age, found the technology can not change the world. Technology is a tool, and a tool is a tool."

is not a live, unfamiliar street, by the national broadcast revenues for the three months of 1 billion 300 million; ordinary people claiming to show their hand on the platform, 3456 city users, the new Shanxi unicorn.

, this is a truer china.


he is the famous "fairy king" Zheng Yuanjie, 1977 began literary creation Zheng old has for many years ranked China writer rich list for the first time, it’s Pipiru, Lu Xixi, Shu Ke, Luo G beta and fairy tale characters with hundreds of millions of readers in China, is a generation of childhood memories.

finally looked for it

at that time, every day thousands of small letters, Zheng Yuanjie had to hire four assistants to help him open and induction. The letter is various, but small readers every letter from Zheng Yuanjie as a treasure, a reluctant to discard.

is not only China line north of Guangzhou, there are five or six lines of Township, eight or nine lines in rural areas; not only Emily and Thomas, as well as Cuihua and two dog; not only the pursuit of financial freedom and the Internet elite white-collar workers, as well as full of bricks and grass root workers really original impulse; not only a small red meat and women, and uncle and aunt.

"fast mission is not to change the world, but the world record." CEO Su Hua said quickly.

China’s Internet is more "mood" entrepreneurs, born to do "temperature", "tall on" products.

‘s attempt to educate people, to change the habits of mankind, "masterpiece", one by one down, to meet human food and clothing, housing and use of tools to stay.

said in the text, in 80s and 90s of last century, is the master of fairy tales Zheng Yuanjie received every day a large number of small letters, so that Beijing city post office as he set up a special mailbox, the mailbox number is 7801.

in January 16th, Zheng Yuanjie’s father, Zheng Hongsheng, broke a funny thing on his WeChat public number:

entrepreneurs eyes, is talking about fashion, fitness, LOHAS and constellation of white-collar elite, is squeezed into the first tier cities in order to become urban white-collar workers for the goal of rural youth. People living in 3456 – tier cities and towns do not exist.

in a word, money was nothing to him at that time. What he treasured most was the letters from these little readers, so he decided to buy a house and mail them.

10 years ago, " are cock wire, white-collar workers with MSN", not a few years, cock wire, white-collar workers are using and WeChat.


buy 10 suites to "letters" live