Arktos’s founding team,

Abstract80% users will only use 20% of the Excel feature. A spreadsheet that anyone can understand is the goal of two students.

yes, it gives you countless tools to process and format these data, but these tools are incredibly arcane. They are a relic of a bygone era, in that era, engineers and computer geeks are in the field, they are happy to endlessly tinker with their software. Few people are able to understand spreadsheets unless they insist on just the most basic operations.

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‘s idea was first proposed by Dick Weiss Ki and Atalay when they had coffee at a coffee shop in Palo Alto, Artaud, this summer. They are only 20 years old. When still in high school, with Keweisiji in near Washington DC.

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"we’re going to create a solution that suits people without technology."." The spring of this year from the Stanford University School of Ali Ari Dyckovsky said Keweisiji pedicle. Next to him sat his classmate, Atallah Atalay of Ruian Ryan. "We want to make sure you can use spreadsheets when you don’t need to know math or statistics, and you don’t know how to program."

they don’t want to rebuild the grid. They want to create an application that allows you to operate in a more visual and intuitive way. Their ultimate goal is to create a data processing tool that anyone can use instead of just for computer enthusiasts and other software secrets that are steeped in Excel. Just as other projects are creating tools that can turn everyone — including young children — into a computer programmer, Arktos hopes to turn everyone into a data scientist.

over the past 30 years, as technology advances, the world has undergone tremendous changes, but one thing remains largely unchanged: computers, spreadsheets, Excel.

thanks shlf1314 micro-blog and other companies, you can now build a Excel spreadsheet on the web. Spreadsheets can also be created on some smartphones and tablets. But spreadsheets are still spreadsheets – a huge grid of infinite arrays of symbols such as letters and numbers in rows and columns.

but not far from Facebook’s headquarters in California, Menlo, Park, Stanford University, two dropouts and a former investment banker are trying to change the situation. With the support of a company called Arktos, they are creating a spreadsheet that is completely different from the traditional spreadsheet.