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5 standards:

3. users, the user’s performance including user retention time, page hits, page events, form, font design etc.. If you open a web page, the page is a mess, a pile of pop, natural experience is not good, long before the love of Shanghai on a large number of pop sites down the right treatment. Love can also be seen in Shanghai focus on the user experience.

love Shanghai policy, the original content tends to be of high quality, and for the chain of combat, makes Shanghai dragon Er had to change strategy, construction of good content, in fact, love Shanghai policy changes, but also for our personal webmaster do a long-term planning, the original site of the purpose it is to make money, to do what kind of website, not useful to the user, there is no future development, these problems, as personal webmaster has never considered changes in recent years love Shanghai policy, forced we must consider these issues. I do for what, what website profit, by what to seize the customers etc.. We think they will take their future as the basis for thinking.

love Shanghai tend to content, as the Shanghai dragon should consider how to do the content, a high quality content should have what standards. After thinking and verification for a period of time, I summed up the following 5 standards and 5 feedback standard.

1. content, simply means that your website content and other website content in the end how much difference, the difference is, search engine is more recognition of your content, you will love Shanghai according to the difference of contents of the first to judge you whether the content is original, also determines the weight of the page.

5 feedback standard:

4. server performance, if you open a web page, the speed is very slow, you will not hesitate to turn off this page to find the next page, a response speed faster, on the other hand, the server should be stable, there is a tool of love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng proposals score reference response the time of this piece, and grab the abnormal.

2. content, the rich content, the search engine is recognized from the recent love Shanghai graphic changes, proved this article contains pictures, enrich the content, will enhance the relative weight of the article, this point in a foreign country, a few years ago are illustrated for the flow. The richness of the content is not limited to pictures, music, and video, flash, application, and so on, love Shanghai editor Ueditor inside can be inserted into the love map of Shanghai, love Shanghai, from this point can be seen love Shanghai is also concerned about the problem of content richness.

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1. bounce rate

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5. users to share, an article is reproduced more users to share, reading, everyone is recognized in this article, the natural love Shanghai will not miss the good article.