directory! choose easy operationKeywords !

: the first website main keywords have difficulty, and not as the index of the more difficult! (many novice will think that the higher the index more difficult)


observation: as long as there is a general index of words ranked in the top fifty, will give the webmaster tools to love Shanghai weight 1. If the cost and profit of the top three cattle such words, I think you love Shanghai very weight rose to 2.

first of all, we need to clarify several points:

there is one on the weights of the domain name: a domain name natural dry cargo weight greater than two level domain name, two domain name is superior to the natural



The first step of

can be seen in the top few are not the main domain, there is love Shanghai products, some pages ranking

also a class of smaller words, and we usually really think very easy words ranking up easily.

second: construction site outside the chain, Links is very important, a good friend chain is better than 1000 other forms of the chain effect of

so the first step is completed! If there do not understand I can contact QQ:32>


Shanghai dragon tangled every day of the original web site, outside the chain of the site. Every day in some forums, suffering some of Shanghai Longfeng exchange group is a novice so questions.

purpose: to get the weight of love Shanghai. We usually see the love Shanghai weight is the webmaster tools or love stand nets given love Shanghai weight, but this is not true love Shanghai weight. This is the keyword index and ranked according to the data! (I want to know this, you will understand the brush to index weight, then the money cheating?)

index is shown in figure more than 980, the index.

keywords ranking

to two, an index is very low, such as the index is less than 10 (but low index does not have little difficulty, which we start is already clear). Another is the index is very high, but really easy words (such as: cattle profit and cost)

so, if we use the domain name ranking of these words, I think it is easy to operate to the home! (this kind of word and some very famous brand word Oh, you can tap the peer brand word! Don’t say I told you

The word According to the Many novice

didn’t want to put out the Shanghai dragon today decided to dry cargo, write out! Hope to see friends to support

!The first step:

the above two points, we can say that the specific operation method of