The word

referred to Sun Tzu, presumably most webmasters are not unfamiliar, even can be memorized, although only 5000 words, but with its broad and profound philosophy, spiritual war struggle wisdom in Chinese and foreign history of military thought has profound influence, is the treasure of Chinese traditional culture. At this time I do Shanghai dragon Er, learned a lot of knowledge, understand a lot of truth, I will be here by Sun Tzu in the inside of a chapter in a four word to do the analysis, bear with me!!


fierce as fire

Xu Rulin, mean to settle down as a tree like unmoved. We do Shanghai Longfeng, most afraid of is that the site is not stable, the optimization of a good website, must follow the focus of Xu Rulin.

as fast as the wind

is I most love one, meaning to attack like fire without mercy. Monopolistic competitors in the market, the competitors can not benefit, specific competitor analysis carefully, find the weakness, a strike that is broken. Increasing competition in modern society, the so-called, blest.



settled down as trees like unmoved, stick to their positions, as steady as Mount Tai. The flow is not difficult to bring to the site, but we really want to do is to keep the exact site users, this is true. The content of the website is a website of the soul, released every day of the original works, is the best choice, whether it is to be honest to the search engine or the user, not just for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon.

means that a military action quickly like the wind. We do Shanghai dragon is the most basic work efficiency, we must improve the work efficiency can be effectively promoted, if even the basic efficiency are not up to it but also to talk about the world, want from numerous talent shows itself in the site, shine. You must master the skills, if you can control the speed of light, then you can control the traffic light.


above is purely fictitious, any similarity is purely coincidental. In this paper, if the original episode by A5, 贵族宝贝led.baidajob贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the source!