as the focus of the long tail keywords website, to promote the high development of the core function of the website, the development of a brand has its own words, words, words buy quiz website will be able to advance, let us fortune! The e-commerce learning network (贵族宝贝dzswww贵族宝贝/),

throughout the Internet, those who do good websites have their own brands, such as NetEase, Sina, A5 and other sites in search of these words all show the brand website, so we can according to this principle, but also for their own website to create a brand, then by all means to promote propaganda our brand, let users see after the search engine search related brand word into our website, the website brand awareness will improve.

relatively every industry or region is still relatively simple, can achieve the basic unity, do not spend too much thought to think about the choice of. But a successful website just a good keyword is not enough, the long tail keywords is the main source of traffic to the site, which determines the development degree of the website after the day. So in addition to the main keywords, we should also give the long tail keywords website structure system, make the development of a trend which cannot be halted website.

The main keywords

cash flow and selection and conversion rate level has a close relationship, so the choice of keywords is listed as the site priority, the choice of keywords determines the speed of development of the site and later can reach the height of.

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each into a website with their own needs, and this demand determines the future development of the site height, choose keywords and answer just can achieve the interaction with the user, allowing users to participate in the website construction, the words of this kind of scattered layout to improve the website website PV great help, this kind of words not only from the answer to meet the needs of users, more from the search habits let users get to meet. I believe that will let the user left a profound impression on the website.

interaction with the user, select and answer keyword

establish the brand, brand to enhance the visibility of


users will have the desire to buy search relevant keywords, the user conversion rate is very high, so we can not let the relevant keywords, although this kind of want to do the home page keyword ranking is very difficult, but it is worth a try. So as a webmaster should be in class to buy keywords to do more, do more summary, let site title, description, keywords themselves can effectively cover these words, to attract users to buy desire to improve traffic.


enhance the user to buy, buy keywords such very important