love Shanghai a series of tips, plus 3.15 against false information reporting activities, is enough to show that love for Shanghai Shanghai dragon attitude. Love has made clear that Shanghai search engine advocate white hat Shanghai dragon, eliminate black hat Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai reminds you: please refer to love Shanghai about Shanghai Longfeng proposal, the author thinks that the meaning is not only follow the front view, more is to advocate white hat Shanghai Dragon technology, love Shanghai search engine in order to meet the needs of users, will be based on the value of content to display the page, of course, love Shanghai more hope website operators pay more attention to the this part of the user experience.



3.15 this special day, everybody should know, 3.15 is the international consumer rights, the global development of the Internet anti-counterfeiting campaign, will not miss this event. Love is not let Shanghai search engine naturally will not miss this opportunity, that is accurate foresight, strong launch "against the false information, start from here!" reporting activities.

love Shanghai to take this opportunity to not only to mention.

love Shanghai search engine to the anti-counterfeiting campaign is not very suddenly, personally think that the actions are carefully prepared, why do you say so? I believe most of Shanghai dragon -er had learned a few days ago in Shanghai love, love Shanghai constantly reminding you to continuously remind us: "do not close to the Shanghai Dragon company the rhetoric and the case, Shanghai dragon is a very important work, please refer to the recommendations about love Shanghai Shanghai dragon."

love Shanghai tips do not believe Shanghai dragon’s theory, the Internet also saw a lot of ideas. I personally think that the love of Shanghai artificial intervention can more conducive to the consolidation and management of Shanghai dragon industry. Everyone should know, Shanghai dragon since about 1977 accession to the WTO, it gradually formed a black hat and white hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon two factions. Black hat Shanghai dragon has been popular in the world, some of the black hat Shanghai Dragon technology company has the rapid rise. Shanghai dragon -er must be clear search engine has been unable to completely avoid check errors, in order to love Shanghai on the user can not be blinded by false information, specially remind you, and hope that through the official guide to love Shanghai to get rid of the black hat Shanghai dragon popular status.


from Shanghai Longfeng since the accession to the WTO, the black hat Shanghai dragon never stopped. When the search engine update, the black hat Shanghai Dragon technology along with the continuous development of new technology and follow up. Black hat Shanghai Dragon technology is the use of defect search engines get more user traffic, the traffic is to hurt at the expense of the user experience, in the love of Shanghai on the Shanghai dragon is also mentioned the proposal.