do webmaster friends are very concerned about the love behind the Shanghai snapshot date, if your snapshot date corresponds to the calendar, so that you do a very successful optimization. The spider is always in favor of your site, you as their neighbors, will visit every day. However, for the station, especially new sites, because the original content is less, the exposure rate is low, the spider is not willing to go every day, leading to some site a few days or a month or even a few months home page is not updated, some webmaster covet fast buy gold chain, not a good grasp of the punishment of the search engine, the snapshot will not then update in a very long period of time, it is also very distressing many webmaster.

ADO, here to talk about how they are doing to change the snapshot not update problem.


2. exchange Links

try to Links platform registration exchange their information, especially for the QQ must ensure every day online, so that other people find you, because you second days back they may forget. Then every day to update their own information platform, so.


1. to stop the purchase of the chain, the chain of artificial

just took over the site, before a webmaster is bought outside the chain, stop this practice when I took over, because I understand for the purchase of the chain is not only expensive, but people like opium as a get out of hand. If you do not grasp search engine will be punished, we would regret it too late. Over the new Yue family love Shanghai transit vehicle snapshot stop in 2010-12-30, is already the last date to January, 11 years has not been updated, every day looking at this date a bit sad at that time, it is also not to see how much more, that has been a long time not to the spider. This station is taking over the Shanghai professional one-stop car service, at the time when the construction of Shanghai has no such service website, to now have a lot of family to follow, even on the Internet show no other web sites, I compared the other competitors, these sites on the search engine performance is good, at least the snapshot updates faster, and included more. So also do this because there is no optimization which leads to be imitators rear end, and even beyond, is a very terrible thing.

although the heartache, stop buying after the chain link back in December after a sudden fall from 70 thousand to more than 10 thousand, but no longer attract such poison. Every day together with you to the forum, quiz website, information portal website, every day the hair of the chain, don’t ask a lot, but every day to maintain a stable quantity, so the chain of real data 10 thousand is slowly accumulated out. I told them every day and do not need much, but to do a number every day, not only the number of requirements, quality requirements. A high quality the chain of many dozens of the poor quality of the chain, then why not doing this one? Not only save energy, but also bring certain effect is the best.