Editor Extension; the biggest advantage is the promotion of soft paper can detailed, the most attractive to describe a thing we should elaborate promotion of products or services. So many cases we each big website will adopt a soft Wen promotion, every day or every week website updates, so we need more editors to do soft Wen, to do promotion. We can get our products to the customer with the clear narrative, this will allow customers to have a clear understanding of the impression of our knowledge is more. Another weapon is the beautiful but also celebrate the readers, writing well sure there will be more people to read, so we.

with the development of social economy, the popularity of network, remote villages are also able to use computer and Internet Office, just before the big city in the era of network, it is cannot be mention in the same breath, it changed people’s office of the time and place, also let our bosses to start a new round of the network marketing efforts, in the past we have no money, we can do almost all of what things, like when material life conditions meet the spiritual needs of the increase is also reasonable thing, then you will be made in this regard to improve their website visibility and influence. You know that how do we do? The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) from the following A share it with everyone.

brand strategy; looking at the world famous enterprises, famous enterprises which is not a strong brand appeal, not that I don’t believe there are people to buy their products, their products are not sold so well, so expensive. Adidas bought the fire, in almost every big city can see it in the store, on the soccer field you can see a lot of sports clothing wearing Adidas, the players play, in the TV network on the screen, to improve visibility, and its price will also increase.

today and share a new era of network marketing means things, so the first is to tell you is to seize the characteristics of the new era, that is all kinds of information transfer is faster, the same with the information update frequency is rapid, it tells you the basic starting point of treatment the problem is, to quickly grasp what times change, we must seize the promotion of this change, one can grasp the meaning of marketing pulse, this is what we want to say — and current affairs focus link marketing. The biggest characteristic of current focus is continuously changing, today may be the Diaoyu Islands in protest, and may be transferred to the South China Sea tomorrow, where Philippines can beat the PLA began shouting what these events, under normal circumstances, will attract readers attention, we can protest in foreign violating our sovereignty, do some promotion.

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