form inserted in the article, some can form "drop-down box" appears more content, which is to be avoided.

2, a row of only a few words on segmented

Oh, a man in a mixed society, what is the most important image first?. Then the Internet in this small community, your image will determine the future development of your site, but also determines the survival of your D site, so the site image is a very important factor in the development of website construction. If a website image is poor, will be doomed to users and search engines out. In 2014 fourth national Shanghai dragon ranking conference, "the founder of Zac, a daily" clearly pointed out: to improve the user experience, users can enhance the website weight retention time, bounce rate decreased, increased browsing. Shanghai Longfeng optimization really know how people understand the real purpose of the site, do not look to the search engines, but for the user to read, now the search engine is the core of the user experience, which is the ultimate goal of the search engine user experience, site, search engine, user, website construction is only directly to the users. Your site can be in an invincible position.

1, an article of each paragraph is not segmented

following Beijing website construction company will give you experience and share their experiences:

first, to attract users attention

second, to eliminate information intensive

3, the content does not appear too much the font color, affect the user reading.

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optimization all know, if you browse a web site, as long as one can read the website, will let others think you website is really too bad, is not rich enough, not only the first feast for the eyes, so seize the feeling can attract users attention, attracted by your web site, the user is you the website first feeling of persuasion, then the user will obediently browse more pages, improve the web traffic pv.

can attract users.


should be noted here is information not too dense, see the user browsing information is too complex, the font is too dense, no readability, looked very uncomfortable, will naturally give up to continue browsing the page.

then we should be how to end the way by which to improve the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon

Wang Shanghai dragon

first, a website image is the first impression to the user, a good website image often allows users to stay for a while, can browse some pages. The image is not only the website how beautiful, more beautiful, more is the internal site meets the user need, if users want to find, these are the user experience, so the search engine will be users stay on your website and browse depth as indicators to judge your site or not.