such as we are doing the "children’s clothing, children’s clothing brand children’s clothing, children’s clothing wholesale stores," these three words, we began to see these three words, may be placed in a title, but our analysis of attraction and repulsion of the three words together but not good words.

, a regional problem

For example:


was affected by the weights of the website, when our site has a certain weight, a high index word we have show, "

we mainly do a word for another word will be rejected, and the two word index is different, we mainly do the ranking will be very good.

, two, with the meaning of words

children joined users to join the children’s clothing brand is a class, belonging to the line under the brand children’s clothing, children’s clothing and then joined the children’s clothing brand is more suitable for children’s clothing wholesale together, if we force plus is also possible, but there are a lot of children’s clothing wholesale trends, such as the user looking for children’s clothing wholesale, price range whether is the brand and so on, so the children’s clothing wholesale and there is no obvious concern. So we’d better separate children’s clothing wholesale website, so it can avoid a rejection of keywords.

on regional issues, mainly to see our business coverage in the end is for the country or for the region, if we are facing in this area, such as "English training" and "Ji’nan English training" is different, is a search volume which only occupy the former; and their according to the different range, so the two words need to show according to the user demand content should be different, so the two words are not at the same time, because of the exclusion of certain; otherwise it will cause the flow of waste and to meet the needs of users is not accurate.

when a number of keywords we found in the title, when users search for a keyword, the keyword and the keywords may also form a good match, but also possible between these words will form rejection, such as regional problems, poor correlation between keywords and repeat in nature, when users search a keyword, then the other form rejection keywords interfere with the user will, today to share about some keywords repulsive and attractive.


in the search engine, there are some key words, meaning between the two words is the same, or one word contains another word, but the literal is not the same, the search engine will match the two words, search a word which will automatically match to another words, such as "Changsha Web" and "Changsha pages" these two words, search for "Changsha website" when the search engine will automatically match to "Changsha pages". (Figure