Just as the last

remember the last time in the hall to watch the Boss shop in just CEO interview, he said he every month will take a day to do customer service, and other executives as well. Continued to see letters of complaint, we Shanghai Longfeng operators is necessary to become an excellent customer service. Because only become an excellent customer service we can always grasp the needs of users, to grasp the latest changes in the market, keep up with the rhythm of the market. Only in this way we will not be eliminated, if we can grasp the trend, then we can become the industry leader. If we react in a timely manner, at least we can not be eliminated. But the word of many companies in Shanghai dragon ER and customer service far away. Customer service is a special person in charge, the person in charge of the site is not what close contact with this.

if a recruitment website, Recruitment Summer English teacher counseling is the largest user needs, we should according to the needs of the content of the web site layout. For the largest demand we put content layout to the most conspicuous place, then is summer recruit Chinese teacher, math teacher and so on, according to the demand of the size arrangement. If the past summer, some current demand, not now, then we have to make a new website with data. In fact, the market is not the same level, that the majority of Shanghai dragon who must have a deep understanding. >

of course I also see this aspect also has to do a good company, some of the company’s Shanghai dragon Er are technical personnel each salesman. In fact, Shanghai dragon Er is a salesman, you need a deeper understanding of the product, at least can answer customer questions. This is a standard of the sales staff, and only often communicate with customers, customers need to know what kind of information. We can provide information to the customer what, if we do the sewage pump, the author statistics about this product, two issues most customers ask is environmentally friendly and durable. Because the sewage pump to pump various impurities with water, so this time is more troublesome, not really good. So this is the biggest concern of the customer, is most worried about the problem.

Ma put forward three development directions of the Alibaba in the network conference platform, financial data. The data is the electricity supplier of their radar, if there is no data guidelines. We called the Shanghai dragon Er user experience is to rely on guess, guess by the Shanghai dragon is very unstable, even can be said to be dangerous. We must according to the data provided to the user, according to the data to meet the market demand. So whether it is the sale or optimization of data are our guiding light, the website is no data in the early period of the founding of our hands. Basically is to see the excellent competitors do, then according to some feeling and experience to do. So just do not come out after the data guide sites are not truly meet the needs of users of the site. We need to understand the customer, in the communication with customers in the process of understanding of the product, understand the latest market trends, timely adjusted according to the contents of the website data.