, the author participated in the 5.23 Shanghai station Hangzhou Railway Station love high-end salon, at the meeting of the king of Shanghai to share love Amoy about on-line "web search quality white paper", but also emphasized the love of Shanghai search engine in the second half of all walks of life on the site large-scale implementation strategy of high quality white paper, web site in the search engine show will increase, will reduce the low quality web site in the search engine on the show, even not included. And love the king of Shanghai also pointed out: at present, the quality of Amoy Sina, Sohu and other large portal sites for the medium quality in the evaluation of search engine quality, this part of the site can meet the needs of users, but not to spend more time and >

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said before the storm is quiet, the time is tragic, but after the storm? In fact, some things after a storm, can quickly restore the essence, and some things experienced after the storm under the devastating blow is hitherto unknown. So, love Shanghai search engine update this field after the storm, will leave high quality site and give benefits, but low quality sites severely punished?

at present, the second half of the year has come, in mid May release of "love Shanghai web search quality white paper" has begun to punish some large sites, but these two days there have been many site index, a serious decline in ranking fluctuations, weight lifting is too large, resulting in a part of the webmaster began to panic. Then, according to some reliable hearsay, love Shanghai in the second half will seriously punish the low quality of the site, and encourage and support high quality site. This is a gratifying sad thing for the webmaster, welcome because safe do stand webmaster to Fu, sad is not good because the opportunistic do stand webmaster to bad luck. Of course, whether it is bad or sad, for the user, for the owners, is a happy thing for the entire Internet, because users can find useful information on their website, webmaster can help users to quickly acquire and search engine trust, the Internet has since been a peace.

for every webmaster, they want to operate their own weight, rankings and traffic sites are the best, and every day there will be a lot of users from search engines to their website, and to help you find on the web. Of course, this is just the webmaster want, but in reality it is unsatisfactory, there are too many web site user experience is poor, including content, browsing, accessibility, and the user and search engine is not a good thing. If in the face of this website is not only hurt the user experience but also hurt the search engine, causing the site to reduce evaluation in the search engine. So, when the low quality of the site increases to a certain extent, make the entire Internet spam stack piles, then love Shanghai search engine may take some extreme means to dispose of these sites, the Internet is also a piece of fresh air.