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, which is actually a strategy for selecting the most important step in the keyword, because our final result is we hope that the consumers can use, if the keyword and user search habits is too large, this is not only a waste of time at the same time, to optimize the long-term site is also harm no one good, so be an important consideration in conditions of user search habits as keywords are the best selection, of course, how to judge, I believe you should be better than I do now webmaster.

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both in time for the web page optimization, or in the site to do the whole keyword optimization, the first thing we should do is to do the appropriate keyword search, so as to achieve a multiplier effect. Here I give you some information about the search keyword method: Web site or page topic name as a keyword search in the search engine, at the bottom of the page displayed related keywords by theme is suitable for our website optimization keywords.

as a web site, we all know that keyword optimization occupied this very important position in network optimization, in a sense, formulate correct keyword strategy not only can effectively avoid direct competition with strong competitors, but also to the site with a very objective and valuable traffic, but in today’s competition the intense website optimization battlefield, how keyword optimization strategy is very concerned about every Shanghai dragon Er topic, make effective today on this, the author and colleagues to share a keyword about my selection strategy, hope to help everyone.


is a keyword with the feasibility can be optimized, need comprehensive assessment of key words, including keyword search volume, the commercial value and the degree of competition, take out the high search volume, high correlation and low competition keywords, of course, is what we often say that the "two high and one low" principle, so that the network optimization personnel must do is analysis. The general evaluation of the keywords, you can use the following tools: love Shanghai index, Google keyword tool, YAHOO keyword selection tool and so on, of course, the specific operating practices, the author will not do here too much introduced.



develop strategy, the author thinks that it can be divided into the following four stages: keyword search, user keyword search habits, keyword evaluation, keyword selection techniques, only through the implementation and monitoring of the strict procedures, in order to occupy our own network promotion personnel belongs to a space for one person in the battlefield network competition is so fierce also, for better promotion and lay a solid foundation, then the first thing is to look at the part about the selection of key words.