, this left clear intention, that is meaningful, which in the end is to help others help themselves, or


As shown in figure



1, increase the filtering soft outside the chain of strength;

two, what kind of soft is not qualified to link


2, increase penalties for the target site;

As shown in figure

love Shanghai in July 1, 2013 issued a "green" algorithm 2. 0 update announcement, for the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm has always been a hot topic "webmaster discussion, but the 2 version released in July 1st really let the webmaster loaded mesh tongue, because we have been talking about the high quality of the chain -" soft outside chain "become the love of Shanghai is now beginning to focus on punishment, this time we think it is not, in the future how to do outside the chain is outside the chain of high quality.

3, to release the soft site bearing the appropriate punishment, reduce its evaluation, in the search engine at the same time, for the love of Shanghai news source site to clean up the news source."

for the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm 2, many people will think that the soft can do the chain how to do, in fact, love Shanghai say soft Wen does not regulate the not all inclusive, it also has a scope of examination, so let’s take a look at what kind of website is not qualified website,


through these three points, we can see that the love of Shanghai not only to punish some soft outside the chain, more is to punish these soft bearing platform, this is not just a warning to the webmaster, it is also a warning to release the soft bearing platform, this is like saying, you need to increase the audit. Efforts, so as to make the sky more blue, high quality.

these three points, appears to be very short, really cool a lot of heart, because we can rely on the soft outside the chain, the key is to punish Shanghai after love, then how can we do the chain

, this seems to think that is very good answer, help the questioner, in fact, we see this quiz links too obvious promotion means.

3, a large portal soft, too highly of their obvious intent to

1, quiz text, link to

2, the type of soft Wen promotion,

promotion is too obvious

, then love Shanghai 2 in the end what Scindapsus algorithm to update the content of


as shown above, this is the official website of the financial channel of NetEase, first of all we see first.