really, because I was born, began to do so smooth, rely on its own technology to be all things to a higher stage, and that the Internet product that is cheap, especially in the domain name, CN or even a 1 yuan, a good memory, but slowly. It is in the small webmaster continuously like bamboo shoots after a spring rain appears when people recognize the benefits of the Internet real name system, because it is not possible to use low income to destroy China’s Internet market, so everything starting price, this time, the webmaster’s life seemed back to the liberation, need to be cautious slowly earn the cost of living.

then, for page design is not too much of the time, we think about it, maybe we do the page is very unsatisfactory, even if we are to attract a large number of customers in a short period of time, but from the long-term point of view, we may not be able to truly lead the market in a certain period of time, for example we are a business site, you need to master in a short period of time to consider the effect of the page, because as a business, there is no much time and effort to grasp the advantages of promoting, but for us, some advantages are very worthy of our attention, because only in this aspect it is really worth pursuing, so, do.


remember in 08 years, feeling a safe job really is a very luxury, at that time the company is not harsh, because many people can be in a stable job and with mainland China we bow and scrape, but the economy is not broken when inflation, rely on low wage earners the salary is not able to support a child, when thinking of university graduates to find a job but find their deficiencies and meet the soaring prices when people think of the Internet, of course, I am also at this stage the Internet start-up stage.


the first thing to say is that in the website launch, you must ensure that we are in a high quality website, the quality said here, not only pay attention to appearance, should also pay attention to some problems in essence, said this problem I believe that many webmaster friends think the so-called user experience, for this, is the key, we not only from the page design thought of speaking can not let visitors feel boring, also does not allow customers to browse for a long time to find TA can not find what we need, the final conception is to find the necessary products as much as possible to let customers use the shortest time, you know this.

of course, we can not only eat in the process, also need to learn, and learn from the useful for webmasters believe a lot of things, today to share with the webmaster friends, hoping to give us some support!!!