for many novice webmaster, the term Shanghai dragon is very difficult, the author is a grassroots rookie, survive on how to better grassroots in fierce competition in the network era, the author put some station of his own experiences to share with a large family of.

what?? money? To make money!!! This is an answer to many grassroots webmaster heart, so how to make money? Just rely on traffic to earn advertising fees by selling links, by the release of the soft… Etc.. So to make money must put out their own website promotion, bigger and stronger! So that there is more traffic to support their products and service! You know the website must understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization, only do the weight optimization in order to enhance the site’s ranking for search engines to give you more, bring you more the optimization about the site traffic! We need to pay attention to the following points:

second: is the user experience. We all know that the search engine such as love Shanghai, Zhishizhizhong stressed the need to focus on the user experience. A good website, from the user’s point of view is optimized, allows users of the web site favorability increased, so easy to keep the user’s heart, give your website to bring a fixed flow. Just imagine, if you are a user, in a search engine, a very satisfactory novel station, after the point into the eye is omnipresent advertising, then you are fond of the site of how much is left? Direct close is also possible, thus leading to a decline in the user experience, so do the station must focus on user experience!.

It is the site of the The first point: the so-called

third: an important way to link is web site traffic, the number of the chain. The quality is an important factor in determining our site traffic. The chain is good but it is quality, some high weight links can bring us considerable traffic, but some spam links. Even dead links may also lead to the web site of the weight drop, impact on the site also caused by the deadly, often using some statistical tools for measuring the Links. The site survey is a problem common sense every grassroots webmaster essential. The mountains are not high, but the immortal name; water is not deep, Long Zeling. Can from this poem in the profound image of the mass of the chain.

content, content is best original. Because the search engine spiders crawling on your website it is more like the original content to crawl, is very dislike for pseudo original or acquisition of content. You can imagine, when it will eat after an original article is eaten several times? The answer is yes, the spider will not included in! For each website search engine to crawl time weight is not the same as the spider will be different, if the search engine spiders love on your website, then the spider will come to your the site updated regularly, thus increasing you included a promotion website ranking in search engines. The premise is that you must be content as is the original love spider!.