if the request contains the If Modified Since, that has been cached on the client. As long as this time and modification time of the current request documents can be determined to return 304 or 200. For static files, such as: CSS, pictures, the server will automatically complete the comparison of Last Modified and If Modified Since, complete or update the cache.

serious drop right

saw the construction of the chain steps mentioned in an article I feel very good, according to the website included quantity make the chain construction direction, a new station can try to increase the chain site map, promote the love of Shanghai on the website of the crawl, this stage do not always think of weight; began to increase the chain on the site within the pages of time a collection, to further promote.

2, see Links, timely removal of love Shanghai right down, or have a chain of

No matter how

love Shanghai against the chain, high quality Links is one of the important ways to improve the weights of the website, love Shanghai to fight outside the chain of bigger, now looking for best friend chain is related to the content of Web site, new sites don’t do cross links, rather not the chain.

site suddenly drop right can be viewed from the following points out the following:

1, view the site log, compared to love Shanghai spider, the spider crawling frequency, quantity, whether there is a spider crawling page error page 404, such as whether there are a large number of 304

no practice no right to speak, we can answer your general you are aware of your own website, only their most clear, can get the data to analyze is you, so down to site investigation of possible problems, find out the reasons, timely modification, adhere to high quality web content updates wait to trust the love of Shanghai is a major event

3, consider recent what to do and not the same thing, whether to modify the site, whether the increase in the construction of the chain method and so on the new

Two days ago


love Shanghai yesterday and updated, all see a lot of friends in the last day of Shanghai asked the update now in several forums? Website without right down how to do? "Is right down your site is generally a problem, there is no reason, if you feel it is no reason to drop right, can go to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform complaints District, a post in the forum asked what not answer, because you want to answer is how once put down the right site weight to pull back, not too realistic.

304 standard explanation is: Not Modified, HttpWatch or chrome can view the