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ZhengZhan optimization and keyword optimization, we need to understand some concepts:


after knowing this knowledge, we should understand the importance of the Shanghai dragon ZhengZhan optimization. Ascension ZhengZhan weight and Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization is a gradual process, in a short period of time can not see the obvious effect, which is why many websites are not willing to spend great efforts to carry out one of the reasons Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization. < >

Keywords optimization

(Domain Level Authority) website weight: as a whole website, in the search engine with the weight. We give an example to illustrate the site class weight: baike.baidu贵族宝贝 as a two level domain, has very high weights. The benefits of this is that all the web pages under the domain name, will have a relatively high initial weight, even without any Shanghai dragon case, still in the SERPs (search results) high ranking obtained in. This is the website weight meaning, we can through the "original articles ranked as: weight gain" reprint this article to learn some knowledge about website weight.

(Page Level Authority) web page weight: only as a web page, the weights have in search engine. We still take the above example, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love: a Shanghai dragon after optimization of the article, sometimes in the search results, ranked in Shanghai before love. This is the explanation, "the weight of the article page weight over the love in Shanghai.

we know, is actually a kind of "weight optimization of. It is characterized by Shanghai Dragon technology, make a keyword contained in a web page, occupy relatively high ranking search results in SERPs. Here we need to note is that the web page is a web page, can not represent all of the web site. It simply means that you will be a target keyword and the front page of this special page optimization is better.

a lot of people think, Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization and keyword optimization, is multiple external links, often update the content on it. In fact, optimization of Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization and key words, not the same.

keywords website ranking is very high, but the website is not very high because of traffic. Because even if a target keywords have the daily search volume of more than 1000, and a website will be the first of the target keywords, the reason is very high overall site will not flow. Because in the process of Shanghai dragon, the weight almost concentrated in a particular page (usually home), to bring traffic from the content page (the long tail word ranking and the introduction of the traffic).