is the core of the quality of the construction site

two, the station optimization strategy

, a and CSS to streamline the site code.

website is very important to the search engine, the spider is through the website keywords to your website keywords in the website of the density of not more than 2% to 8%, the main page of the website can choose keywords keywords, keyword pages on the site to set up a website, can be used instead of the long tail keywords and this can reduce the keyword density in website.

The use of

C, web site keywords (keywords) rational use.

website optimization from two aspects of narrow sense and broad sense to explain. Special site optimization, search engine is the search for web site design, satisfy the search engine ranking index, thus obtained in the search engine ranking, enhance the effectiveness of search engine marketing.

1, code and label optimization

D, (Description) a reasonable set of description.

search engine into the site every step of the work is to extract the text content, and we can do is to minimize the search engine to extract the text content of the difficulty is to streamline the HTML code to minimize unnecessary code, such as delete tables, notes, use external C S S reduces the file size. The definition of a large number of CSS style often need the production site, but in order to reduce the size of the content of this page and in order to facilitate the search engine spiders crawling, suggest putting CSS directly call unified CSS file.


B, the website title tag (titile) setting.


site optimization can be divided into the station optimization and stood outside optimization in two aspects. Optimization is the essence of "Neiwaijianxiu" principle is the "content is king, the chain for the emperor". The station optimization is the basic work of optimization, it is beneficial to improve the friendliness of the search engine on the web, improve the search included speed and quantity of engine, but also can improve the site open speed. The station optimization is the optimization means is the chain construction site.

site is located in the title title text between the tags in the web page code, is the soul of the website. It carries the core theme of the site, is the overall direction of the website, but also through the search engine to determine the positioning of the website title. The core of the title website and should be closely linked, closely linked to the theme of the site. The words of the title of the site and weight are closely related, according to the website weight and keywords competition degree and other aspects, for small and medium-sized sites recommend 25 words (including symbols) about.


is a small and medium-sized site optimization along with the development of the Internet and the development of the site itself and continue to deepen.