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when using the Internet browser browser page is often blocked, so when we encounter this situation should be how to do? Then, I for details, see how we deal with "blocked, so we can easily access, no longer by the browser is not normal block, well, take a look at my experience.



2 we to display a web page add a blocked program window above, right-click, and then select "run ins" on all sites, as long as we can determine their own load control is safe and reliable, then the browser will no longer prevent the control operation.


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4 in the block pop-up window is set inside, we recommend the selection of "medium", do not suggest that you choose the higher and lower, may cause some unsafe factors, such as some risk program. In accordance with the default settings for the IE browser can.

1 when we found your IE browser to stop page loading the situation, we must first determine whether the loading is worthy of trust, if the trust program, we can directly according to my following operation prompt treatment.

The daily operation of


We usually


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3 but we also make the following settings, you open the IE browser, and then select "tools" tab, search "pop-up blocker" associated settings. Note: do not suggest that you close the page pop-up blocker, because it may lead to some risk program.

5 here, we can be some of the common security sites added to the program list, so IE browser will not stop the website pop-up window, whether security controls are loaded, or some web page automatic pop-up window. We can operate in accordance with the instructions of my picture.



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