Two aspects of

martial arts is very particular about the "practice of breath, muscles skin", which for us is just as important as the Shanghai dragon er. Here is my personal experience to talk about how to do "go to practice".

A case of

through the above it can be seen that Shanghai dragon chain is important, but the site itself was the most important. Shanghai Longfeng environment a good site needs mainly in the following aspects: first, the structure of the website, a spider crawling website can easily search engine to the page; two, the internal code streamlined, more streamlined website code website load faster, it is not only beneficial to the spider crawling more to improve the user experience of the website; three, good website content, a large number of original, unremittingly updates; four, good user experience, search engine for the ultimate standard > website weight evaluation

website optimization outside, one is the website of the external promotion, one is to optimize its own internal website. So how do we create a favorable site inside the Shanghai dragon? Should first from Shanghai dragon er the quality of their own practice. Many of the best Er predecessor is Shanghai dragon design website, they have rich experience in maintenance of website construction, such as a push for Jiang Likun, before he do network marketing for a long period of time is the site of the construction and maintenance, of course, have a lot of good Shanghai dragon Er case which is not introduced one by one. From these predecessors who we can see: Shanghai dragon er must have a certain website construction and maintenance of knowledge, such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, etc. on the server website operation process to design knowledge, of course these things do not have to master, at least through the understanding about these things so that we can communicate more easy and technical personnel, we express better. If you can modify the code by modifying their website, make it better to search engine. Because of technical personnel in the design of the website and we think things are not the same, they make things possible in some areas is not conducive to the optimization, which requires us to discover to identify and modify their own.

below by what I do for you. This is a small business website, keywords heat itself is not very high, so soon to love Shanghai home. Here I am the concrete operation process. Just over three or four months of the site has not been included in Shanghai love, with the chain included the poor is not proportional to the included little. You can see that this website the main problem is the internal structure of the website is not conducive to search engine crawling. Through the preliminary diagnosis of major problems: first, the website is the basic framework form + picture; two, the site itself has no content, even if no spiders in what can crawl; three, the internal structure of the site is not conducive to the spider crawling. After completion of the diagnosis in view of the above problems on the site conducted a series of changes, after the site is updated continuously, adhere to the hair of the chain, after a month when the complete customer requirements.