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if the figure 1, figure two and figure three together, we can clearly see that love Shanghai exactly what part of spider crawling, page title tags, title, keyword search related content and users, and related content in the form of rosy unfolding. Allow the user to distinguish, this is what information you need to know! So love Shanghai search spider to reduce your bounce rate, increase user viscosity or have some help. The above is only one simple analysis, this paper consists of: Crane _贵族宝贝eurocrane贵族宝贝.cn/ starting Admin5, reproduced light reserved address


as shown in Figure 1, the search engine does not necessarily show the description tag (Admin5 information abstract), love Shanghai index after crawling the page title, will give priority to grab web content in the first display content, rather than "the first segment (as shown in Figure two – Part Admin5 in the title. But, the anchor text link, since love Shanghai certainly grab, grab this anchor text link), then describe the part in the scraping of the page description means, part of the site is usually more than 200 characters. Usually the description is not the whole part of the display is the site of the first paragraph of the content, but the search engines that search the most relevant content and user. As shown in figure three. The second picture capture part of the crawl

as shown in Figure 1, love Shanghai search engine first grab part of the page title is the title tag, title tag site is crucial to the website optimization work. A week ago I on the website of the title tag modified, just delete the two words, love Shanghai search engine a week to put out, and this period was not snapshot more, stay in the original time

Figure three

description tags


in Figure 3

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Figure two

search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) is to make the search engine better included a series of processes of our site, good optimization measures conducive to the search engine spiders crawl on our website. What is the optimal? Optimization goal is "take the essence to its dregs, the content of the page is convenient to put the spider love Shanghai, love Shanghai search engine (spider) is how to grab our page? I love Shanghai in search of their article in the Admin5 webmaster nets hair cloth, take come and share.