voting algorithm, we can refer to a few years ago, Super Girls and some variety shows, think also click into place.

actually do it for so many years, the algorithm in the update, we should keep a common heart to treat, the search engine also need stationmaster, outside the chain of love Shanghai webmaster tools are most appropriate to illustrate this point, in the face of Jinbuhuan return of the prodigal son, we love Shanghai update without any speculation, daily website articles necessary update, micro-blog and word-of-mouth comment, do a search for what they want, for the search process, a good network.

voting algorithm and love Shanghai search engine which is mainly reflected in several aspects as follows:

seven days, love Shanghai for seven days to update the site’s ranking, almost no change, the seven day it is doing what your website and related domain, up and down, this is not representative of what. In the last year has shrunk circle, many practitioners have declared Shanghai dragon veterans, this algorithm is still rising, do not stay for a moment, can love Shanghai for a week to complete seven months of work, also witnessed the love of Shanghai to complete the user’s experience of determination, we may guess the voting algorithm is the ultimate love of Shanghai target.


related domain, by the owners of the house against the chain query, you can see the site appeared in what place, mainly in what way, so as to determine whether the site meets the needs of the public.

since December, love Shanghai continuously updated continuously, from three to now has been for seven days, in accordance with the proportion of 75%, this will be the seven big update, update the proportion of seven months, that is to say love Shanghai in 2013 last month, the time to complete the seven months to complete the task is what prompted the Shanghai spiders love so hard, and this note what Shanghai Longfeng webmaster.

site, the site is also included by love Webmaster Platform can see in Shanghai, love Shanghai search engine to the site index, all quality content will be preserved in Shanghai permanent love index, so this is a reference.

4, the length of time, this may be more complicated, from a domain name is included in the search engine to search the database in the domain name to save location, even without optimization, readable content, over time will also have a good ranking.

I added a webmaster algorithm inside the group, everyone in that a new algorithm from the monument to love Haikou love map of Shanghai began to show the public comment data, is a new algorithm about the birth, the webmaster to this algorithm is presumed to know the voting algorithm, love Shanghai update a week can not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

What are the benefits of Mister Wang Jianlin said Wanda 2,

3, which bring website traffic, when the user clicks on the website traffic, IP and the ratio of PV.

guess!1, The domain name