news website is also a breakthrough! Yes?. If you carefully than a degenerate website published an article, the article on the books, is any different. The photo above is blue eyes is almost in view of war note ticket has announced the beginning of this article, if they are in accordance with the layout of the next screenshot article is the morning of May 11th 05 Google zero published analysis (analysis) reporting interface new, but Simon saw in the news release the official website of Google AdSense and Internet communication before writing this article, published the first book of the call waiting.

2, each fixed send update:

every day, visitors back rate will increase, because they know what is new every day, it will often see, see what new content. Daily update site in addition to attract tourists, can also attract search engine retrieval equipment (spider, robot, Caterpillar) to your website often, retrieval devices often come to your web page will be recorded in front of the search engine.


today, I want to through the network of A5 AdSense and search engine optimization drunk agent forum. Through the post here is in the form of how to keep the website updated my love Shanghai snapshot share rather than introduce what automatically help database website articles, you subscribe to the posts Torgovnik normal, but to tell you how to make good use of the arrangement, of course, not only in the WordPress function of WordPress, many free blog and de a German dream weaving background management functions. This is what the layout of the entries in the

if the case according to the next post will arrange to at various sites on the AdSense advertising, but Simon is also considered the timeliness, and launched its own website to report Ed to do business activities.


3, fixed news section of the website:

has long been concerned about search engine optimization webmaster drunken friends all know, the most recent position will be fixed in the middle, and published in 2005 by speculation that Google advertising revenue dose, on the morning of May 2nd will send $500 separately the article predicted, the position will be present at that time, in fact, as early as written before these articles published in the system for the time, this is the programming articles published. In WordPress, we can modify the time stamp papers, set to date, time. What is the distribution of benefits has been my concern. The photo above is the background WordPress kind Wangzhuan forum a few days ago, you can see the three articles have been written, for the time set in the article layout has several advantages. :

if you find that you do not have the background of the article published in the layout of the preparation, then you’ll realize that it’s time for you to write the

you 1, writing the best thrust: