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today in a group to see this message, I also don’t believe in watching the diving. Then, only to find that the news is true, so of course you want to share with you. The first few days of Shanghai Webmaster Platform held "on [Lee line] third – Spring Festival, Lee online chat with you 2014 Webmaster Platform" activities. Many webmaster in which direct official asked some questions. Anyway, what problems are big and small. Here not elaborate.

The beginning of

Lee: love Shanghai web search engineer, is committed to the search algorithm, the original Internet, ecological construction and other fields. Reputation in the circle, is the webmaster of the eyes of the establishment and operational aspects of the know-all ", all the difficult issues facing the webmaster, he knows almost everything.

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above this is a picture of a man finishing "[Lee line] on third LEE online chat – Q consolidation", which is found after finishing above. Look at the blue Lee answer the question.

address: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon jishu贵族宝贝/zixun/627.html

they are still active in the introduction of the Lee, and broke the photograph:


. Why would I say Shanghai algorithm will be updated based on what is it? Of course, there is no basis for how Zhao Yangang casually Bowen? After all, long time no update.

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Lee has obvious answer, said: "recently released a new algorithm starting from the angle of quality, in this time about the end of the month, the main quality content, low quality content to suppress" obviously told us action this month. After the end of the action, not how we the webmaster

third LEE online chat – Q consolidation URL: 贵族宝贝