The fifth step: create a

keywords, a keyword may not just up, long-term stability in that position. So we are in quite a long period of time or to be like the beginning at the site keywords ranking as hard to do, to send the chain. And when the keywords ranking up later we can get some data from the data analysis of users and improve the user experience, so that we can long-term stable keywords.

is now a lot of people do Shanghai Longfeng not well planned, their ultimate goal is to target web site keywords ranking do up. Web site keywords ranking do up of it and don’t know what to do, you don’t know what should do, in fact, the Shanghai dragon work yet. After the website keywords ranking up but is Shanghai dragon in Long March completed the first step, the following are what allows us to do, to introduce the following eleven.

The first step: stable

second step: improve the site overall weight, if you are a new target words make up words. In fact, this time your site weight or just on the home page, the inside pages did not how much weight. No weight inside pages of words, then the optimization of long tail keywords will be out of the question. This time we need to do the chain, the chain is not only the home page link multiple inner page links, this helps to provide the overall weight of the site.

the fourth step: comprehensive promotion, network marketing more than Shanghai dragon, what video promotion, mail promotion, QQ promotion and so on. Oh, you think this with the Shanghai dragon did not like what too big, actually there is a relationship, that is the main focus on the company’s website promotion to promote. Let the promotion for our Shanghai dragon, of course, the promotion itself is useful but is independent, Shanghai dragon hug grass playing rabbit. To tell you a case of it, we often see such advertising on the bus, to sell certain products, we only need to find love in Shanghai a certain keywords, so it is the website brand word keywords. In fact, this is very useful, now love Shanghai has a brand thesaurus. If your website brand word search volume will be certain to love Shanghai to join the brand thesaurus, if this is true love Shanghai will think you are an authoritative brand website.

directional user group. You must create a number of your fans, through the QQ group or micro-blog to maintain a long-term key. When you have a web site with your fans that demand will think your site

The third step:

layout of countless long tail words, target keywords do up these are just the most basic. Have a website long tail keywords the author said the website is the invisible champion. What is difficult for competitors to exceed these countless long tail keywords. These long tail keywords is the core competitiveness of our site, is also the highest conversion rate of the long tail keywords keywords.