then what should we do? Said before the chain for the emperor in the chain, or the chain for the king in the chain for the emperor, as the station optimization and stood outside optimization each accounted for half of the sky. Now, the station optimization champion, only 90% of the share. Even some Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel writing, undivided attention to change the code, consider the user experience, edit and improve the access network. Of course, there are still people who ask: what are the high quality of the chain, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love (library, search encyclopedia, Sina blog) how to do, love Shanghai after the update of the latest network optimization technique of

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now? The chain can not do too much, even too much outside the chain of high quality can be caused by K, because Lee said that the only standard for judging whether the real specific site is recommended. Links do not change, not even for a friend recommended to find their own QQ group in addition to what the exchange site. As for the sale of the chain link, or other means of black, I don’t think. Who is not afraid of website pluck, no ranking, website when waiting for the indignation.

memory, the first time to find a job interview network promotion scene! Q: you are inexperienced graduates, what do you think is doing the door work advantage? Answer: network promotion this occupation, is to continue to learn new technology power summary (at the time, I love Shanghai) just. Later, this study and summary I was repeatedly stressed in the daily work of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, for example, ask yourself, do you have a passion for beginners

these years, those years novel optimization techniques become the means not fit to be seen. A few days ago to see an article on the Admin5: the chain eventually lost youth, after the eventful. Yes, Shanghai dragon industry changes these years is really great. Who remember love Shanghai know casually with sites that time; who left the network staff find friends chain the excitement; who lost the persistent competition analysis of the chain construction.

short, Shanghai Phoenix the most important optimization is the concept of the operator. Even love Shanghai algorithm can be changed, as long as we have some understanding, for example, everything has a degree, grasp the degree of your optimization will be handy. To persist, you will grasp the status quo of Shanghai Longfeng survival should be the same. The heart like Tiger: 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/u/3290883333, admin first, please keep the link, thank you.

in fact, from the beginning of the first day of the Shanghai phoenix contact, we know the importance of high quality original articles. Our website is to provide service, and the service is to consider the customer. For so many years, how many people are hard to love day and night in Shanghai, the Google search engine’s uncle, even extreme to do rankings, or snapshot, the chain number, only to improve the site visits, do not consider how to leave the customer resources.