3, the chain for the emperor to the user rather than numbers.

for all users of the principle, will know the nature of the anchor link is the best, that is to say we link either for users to learn relevant knowledge, or the user to see a field or return to the home page.

many owners do not understand Shanghai Dragon: handmade, super regular web site optimization, why the site was K, the web site is down right, ranking all the grievances? In fact, love Shanghai SEO Guide "will find that as long as to learn the various official version of the" love Shanghai, all belong to the recognition of "white cat Shanghai dragon" means in order to optimize the user only, this is the love of Shanghai said the user experience (i.e. purely subjective user use the product process in built up feeling). In this view, Shanghai dragon have not the same as those of

to do the optimization we all know, the internal construction site is very important, especially the improved algorithm of these years love Shanghai. For example, the original content of the time and quantity, bread crumbs directory and Pyramid tags, Links serious review, anchor link widely laying, the title of the Party of the long tail keyword…… The anchor link in the chain for the emperor "as an example, our Shanghai dragon means: from the early" overwhelming ", to the teacher Cardiff" around a word ", now the head of the tail; and anchor text capitals, italics, H1 tag, color is the last link; the address of the home page, channel page, content page and outside the station.

had often said that our title should be written "keyword _ keyword + brand word" or "the main keyword + long tail keyword" mode; we describe as "brand + keywords + features + contact way, also asked the master; the key already weakened, do not write the best. The title in the 30 Chinese character, 153 character description

When we think of

2, the chain is king to the user rather than the spider.



this month love unrest in Shanghai, we have witnessed the love for Shanghai network garbage and cheating play > link

1 and three labels for users rather than love Shanghai.

when we know everything for the user’s principle, will find words because users can see the phone to the user convenient contact, not only pay attention to the keyword index, but users are accustomed to search words, below is some of Mr babyliu’s research:

China throughout modern history, where they cannot do without the party’s sacrifice and struggle and guidance. Especially in today’s era of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the party’s decision to guide the development of all walks of life and progress. Everything for the happiness of the people, each of which is a member of the Communist Party. Today, in this moment to celebrate the eighteen largest, these words have a different interpretation of