in the face of repeated attack Scindapsus algorithm, if you are still alive, but also grasp the Shanghai dragon, then congratulations to you, no matter how the future website ranking, how to do the chain, how to optimize the future? This is our every Shanghai Longfeng concern, in this article, I will use the station and stand outside the two angles to analyze and predict the future development trend of Shanghai dragon, welcome you with flowers, smashed bricks.

station Shanghai dragon

then station Shanghai Longfeng do? For some enterprise website program is not good, there are defects or structure, seemed can make up with the CMS system, but the number of sites in the big explosion, the search engine will grab the best things, this is an indisputable fact. Then a clear structure, concise code, high quality web content will be the major search engines for love, now have a website bug website how to optimize? Can continue to continue to optimize it, if you have a vision. Then, the proposed site again, again.

love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 1 online bulletin in February 19, 2013, and this algorithm effective date should be several months later, this algorithm mainly hit is the sale of the chain of buyers and sellers; July 1, 2013 announcement in our algorithm to update green eyes before the target is the sale of soft sellers for the website, previously released the soft love sea will strengthen efforts to buy even after filtering, soft site, slight will be right down, serious will be K station. 2 green algorithm updates, for the sale of the chain and soft sale market becomes the website optimization friends often can’t do anything, should be able to feel, buy the chain is not as good as before to buy, but the text is also not very good hair, a lot of websites without even bare chain anchor text.

station of Shanghai Longfeng way is increasingly clear, this is an indisputable fact, when the construction site personnel understand the station of Shanghai dragon, we do after the Shanghai dragon will become handy, a stable server, a good website frame, concise code, plus the Shanghai dragon high quality web content this seems to be the main optimization, each ER ideal in Shanghai dragon. However, this change is painful, because when the Shanghai dragon appeared in a company, you will find a lot of companies are the first to the website, where, until the real importance of network marketing, will recruit personnel to Shanghai dragon optimization, this has violated the rule of "Shanghai dragon industry Shanghai dragon must from site planning to start". Before the process of website construction is basic is this: according to the needs of the company, what you need is a portal site? Or corporate website, of course are generally enterprise website, the understanding of these programmers took the company’s product information to the station. The construction site of the future, Shanghai dragon participation become key to the future success of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, because with a website structure optimization to Shanghai dragon multiplier.