these are indeed the network marketing (including Shanghai dragon) the most basic things, but simple does not mean easy, if not solve this some of the most basic questions, whether you do Shanghai dragon skills very good-looking, can really do a good job of Shanghai Dragon – just like staring at people "Mai the" Taobao "bag" Keywords "flow into the black hole", but now there is no "Taobao" this "flow into the black hole", but "wheat bags" love Shanghai index is still as high as 11186, other words are still strong – it’s also love Shanghai’s trusted website, this is the real Shanghai Dragon effect.

classic worth ruminating, and to use

ZAC wrote the first book is "network marketing code" (hereinafter referred to as "the web"), although this book constantly reprinted, rave reviews. But in contrast, the real to him to win the reputation of the industry or the "Shanghai dragon arena combat code" (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai dragon"), not only by experts alike, even now some webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER as necessary at any time Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon and Phoenix Books, shows its status to high.

brand website is not a keyword to prop up the flow of black hole is not

indeed, "the web" with special emphasis on the basis of many people (including me) think understand not paying attention, but don’t actually see understand these basic "shortcut: network marketing is not to get rich quick (need long-term accumulation, obtain the trust of users, build brand)", "website profit (network marketing profit). Prerequisite: good product (the core competitiveness of enterprises, and can target flow) to sell the website" and "website profit pattern: sell products (services) or sell advertising and" what site profit model to determine the "".



why? I think it is the deformity of the Shanghai dragon created "Shanghai Longfeng thermal" hot, "Shanghai dragon" even ZAC preface said, "the web" was published, there have been domestic webmaster comments that the book about Shanghai dragon too thin, is to adapt to this trend Shanghai dragon, "" enduring, even recently published a revised edition.

before the same preference "Shanghai dragon", continue reading, until a few days ago "Book finishing bed" (not finishing cannot sleep), only to "discovery" of "the web", "network" feel stressed, first out rational, even until now, "to precisely grasp Shanghai dragon and network the relationship marketing network" is currently the webmaster ignored Shanghai Longfeng just a means of network marketing, any marketing (including network marketing and the Shanghai dragon) must be creative for the first ("no idea there would be no eye"), as long as it is done in other network marketing, will Shanghai Longfeng naturally good.