5 to master a variety of traffic promotion skills is very important, it is also afraid of deep alley, not the promotion of it. There is no flow.

customers need to pay attention to five points:

we can analyze the 贵族宝贝1618.me/mm/hanguomeinv/ interface and the structure of Shanghai dragon.

1 must first eliminate pornography and the customers in the edge ball, it is important to grasp this point between reality and art distance.

2 have a high weight forum table, every day fixed your content to each website, to guide the flow in.

beauty picture is one of the websites of domestic Internet entry-level webmaster love to do, how to do a beautiful picture station? It is a big problem, so far the domestic Internet is not the same as the foreign large pictures of sites like Flickr, so there are still a great opportunity for development, we talk about a good picture website.

2 extended to all types of websites and the webmaster is the first big problem and difficult, but customers are relatively easy to promote, you must first provide users who love pictures, beautiful pictures, beauty must be beautiful, attractive enough to the user, user retention rate will be higher, at the same time. Have such promotion, watermark, watermark to guide the user to enter the website.


Firstly, we analyze

3 conditional webmaster, best set the security chain, can avoid unnecessary waste of bandwidth and stability of server.

2 station needs more bandwidth and server, to ensure the stability of the fixed spider and search site.

1 why beautiful pictures (贵族宝贝1618.me/) is an entry-level webmaster favorite, the first picture website editing and updating is very simple, many novice webmaster do stand alone is the smallest, human spent on editorial update is very important to them, customers rely mainly on the picture speak, as long as the guarantee of image quality, and the number of simple classification can be. Of course, beauty picture stand, the picture to be attractive but within the law.

to talk about some experience about beautiful pictures website:

4 no matter what type of website are updated to ensure stability, fixed time update is very important to the search engine spiders love, updated regularly.

customers where the advantages of:

1 cannot do without Shanghai Longfeng, clever Shanghai Longfeng your beautiful pictures stand flow times, so do the station promotion, cannot do without the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon master is required webmaster skills.