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the answer is negative, the content as the site of the flesh, or soul, if there is no content, the website has become. A no soul or no flesh website, believe that not only love Shanghai first, users will not buy it, the Internet has a lot of information, very little can be said to be the spread of information, search engine is the value of the user the most needed and most concerned about things out. Some people say that my site every day in the original, why rank and weight that do not? Here is to clarify a point of view, it is not the original must be the good stuff, the content is more important for carrying a spread of power, not the content of communication, is a pool of stagnant water, and whether the original is not much the relationship, here is a manifestation of the original value, and readability, the user from the heart of love, but also can cause the attention of people, of course will be welcome, reprint, sharing, respect the copyright content can not be said to be of no value to the content. Not to have merit, but also to spread out will make the value of the maximum range of carry forward.

in the rankings and weight lifting quite suck, many people began to waver, think outside the chain is no longer important to search engines, is it really? An indispensable way to transfer the chain as the context of the Internet, at any time can not be ignored and its contribution to the site only love, Shanghai may be alert to flood the chain expansion, perhaps out of a responsibility to protect the ecology of the Internet, foreign chain requirements increase, we believe in high behoove, the weight of the page link is the link of high quality, estimated in 2012 will love Shanghai to subvert this argument, love Shanghai through a link to what for, such as in Shanghai know a love link, love Shanghai through this visit will examine the link >

two, the chain is no longer awesome

2011 Shanghai dragon yhw ranking and storm, Shanghai dragon wolf language flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, for the noisy, taking L-carnitine station group, believe that the webmaster visible before the eyes. For search engine optimization is not always the tumbler, only the pursuit of the pace of exploration. 2011 love Shanghai nearly toppled the Shanghai dragon all theory. For example, the chain is supreme, content is king, fell in love with the sea before 2011 is feeble. We do not know the core algorithm of love Shanghai, love Shanghai believe their own internal engineers estimate that no one can fully understand. No matter how 2011 is over, the road will continue in 2012. Although the 2011 Shanghai love some abnormal, but still did not deviate from the basic track, that is the impact on the flow and commitment factors of user experience on the site weight and ranking factors. 2012 is estimated to be a link between the year, love Shanghai did not change much in 2011, but some things not completed in 2011 will continue in 2012.

?The first half of 2011 the chain effect of