avoid the wrong anchor text construction

to improve the diversity of the anchor textKeywords

web site keywords ranking is mainly relying on the powerful link anchor text to complete the search engine and user friendly experience for the anchor text effect might be the best effect in several links in the form. Not only can improve the keywords ranking anchor text construction station, but also can improve the user experience of the website, how many webmaster know the importance on this link anchor text construction, is to correct the anchor text to

reasonably is the important method to improve the internal structure of the site, the anchor text layout often leads to high keyword density of the page, especially in the navigation system, the anchor text will appear frequently, and will lead to the accumulation of keywords, to solve this kind of phenomenon is relatively simple. The anchor text in the navigation system can be various changes, such as the top navigation used in "site optimization", and use the "Shanghai dragon optimization" in other parts of the page layout, the details of these changes is the webmaster general do not pay attention to the purpose of this revision is not going to change the web site, but will not affect the to the user experience of the website, which can reduce the accumulation of keywords repeated phenomenon, reduce the distribution density of keywords.

website optimization may be diversity, then the anchor text layout also need is diversity, the diversity of the anchor text layout can let the site get more long tail keywords, perhaps these long tail keywords can also bring to the site in the precise flow. Second when it comes to changes such as the anchor text, anchor text correlation on classification page, can increase the different keywords import more traffic. You can create multiple anchor text on the same page, but also do not link to the same page, different keywords links to the corresponding page, with outbound links between the real page, or can help users understand more links to content. The anchor text diversity construction can get more users to browse more pages.

The anchor text layout

cleverly reduce keyword anchor text density


in order to improve keyword density in the page, use the keyword in the anchor text chain to the corresponding page, the page of the weight in the station to improve. A large number of anchor text links to the page, the spider will think this page is an important page, and give a certain weight value. The anchor text and building that would increase the weight of the page, but often the webmaster will be method of link error, use different keywords links in the same page to the same page, which belongs to the anchor text construction error, the spider can’t tell that keyword is the main keywords, easy to cause the page weight to disperse, or a spider that is cheating link. For example, the content page keywords appear 1, 2 words, and links to the home page, the webmaster may want to also increase the weight of 2 key words, so the anchor text construction is not recognized, webmaster to avoid construction method of anchor text error.