said here about the simple server personal view, Aniu personally think that the search engine in the formulation of rules for this server, certainly in a certain period of time according to the degree of difficulty of the spider must take integral system, such as a web site in a month, every day to visit the spider, but the spider to climb into the proportion of 10%, it will give some points on this site, each hit 30 points or 20 points, a long time according to the average scores of the website must give overall evaluation, in the course of time will form the overall score and a trust evaluation, and thus have a reputation that.

in web pages show the frequency of exposure in the title, and show the content of the times, all >

, the first security server without fault.

second, high quality original content.

speaking of the web site keywords ranking, the truth is really a headache to Shanghai dragon, every keyword ranking continues to fluctuate, the boss will continue to talk, although the Shanghai dragon is a cyclical, volatility is normal, but the boss whether these customers, regardless of these, they only concern today my words raised no, this is indeed a disturbing thing. In this bull with fellow Shanghai dragon Er share, how to let the site keywords ranking, you solve the troubles of Shanghai dragon er.

I think, no matter which website, even if the content is very high, every two or three days a server failure, who is not on this site has a good impression, the search engine spiders. We know that when the search engine spiders crawling the site as a normal user to crawl and grab the content, if the frequent failure of the server, the website credibility drops in the eyes of spiders, even from your website in the process of crawling. It is not difficult to imagine, the search engine in the formulation of the rules of the game can have their own unique algorithms.

third. The distribution of keywords.

at this point, the so-called high quality original, does not mean not copy his written articles, but to help the user content, real user point of view to write and edit articles. A simple example: after Microsoft gives notice, XP system technical support and update, if a user through the love of Shanghai or Google search "win7 installation tutorial", displayed in the ten results, ten were related to download, or some simple sentences introduced end of the article, then these belong to high quality content? The answer is no.. Really stand in the user perspective to write this article, from the disk into drive should be prepared before the installation of the system to each step and explanations to some problems that may be encountered, partition, driver installation order, as well as the detailed description of a series of text and commentary, and even left the video commentary, let users think it is a real credible tutorial.