I remember before optimization on a stone site, in the process of optimization in content, will always want to go to the online collection of some high quality content, but for a long time, that is almost the same. And repeat content, could not find other content, this phenomenon appears in the entire Internet, flooding collect information phenomenon, resulting in no other valuable content on the Internet, and only a small part of the site to provide original content in the stick, so often can see, to update the original site and weight have the value of the content is very high, which is to create content differentiation phenomenon. At the same time to collect more, also can appear the phenomenon of missing some words and pictures, affect the user search experience, the search engine will launch a series of numerical requirements to the majority of owners to provide quality content, so here I recommend the Shanghai dragon friend, insist on providing quality original content, your ranking and weight will naturally see the spring.

two. To provide more valuable content for users search


can be a metaphor, the search engine is our head, we are on the same side, together with the boss (user) act, and director of the natural to us to provide content to carry out supervision and inspection, to see whether the boss is satisfied, if executives have provided the boss was not satisfied with the contents of that charge (search engine) is the boss sacked the day is not far away.

. Most sites collect flooding

at the same time, the original content is not a panacea, a lot of friends in Shanghai dragon, is completely to the original content and original, trying to write, if know better, if not understanding of the industry, the reference value of written will be greatly reduced, and even some pseudo original, upset paragraph order, replace keywords and other methods, as long as the impact on the user’s reading reference, as well as >

as I said above, before the optimization of a stone site, looking for this information, find valuable content is almost the same, causing the user can not find the content they need, so they use other search engines, the search engine is no longer a single big love Shanghai that is the situation of contention of a hundred schools of thought between search engines, so also have a variety of competitive, therefore, good service users, it is best to search engine, and we do Shanghai dragon, is the search engine with better service to users.

who do Shanghai Longfeng people, and the original has a big hook, most people focus on content to do original, but do original content is not much, but I still insist that every update with the original, although the ranking weight still did not see shadows, but the long-term more new can let yourself to learn more. Although it is original, but whether it has the reference value to the reader will slowly taste, and today I to share is that why search engines will pay attention to the original? There are three main reasons, here’s a look at it.