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this is my summary, of course there are some other methods, if you have a better way, also hope the exhibitions. The above content by the Shanghai website (贵族宝贝sh1586贵族宝贝/) original, reproduced please specify, thank you.

4, careful

in the new station on the line, because no new what weight, what a good ranking in Shanghai will not fall in love with the sea, love will be in this period of time will be coming into the sand box were observed, at this time, the owners will find that no matter how hard, ranked themselves not what change obviously. Sometimes there will be a decline in ranking sites, some owners will doubt on the website of the way you use, this time we need to have absolute confidence in the way you use, your method, and through the investigation of love in Shanghai.

website optimization is a difficult and long road, there are a lot of people joined the ranks of every day, there are a lot of people quit. Love Shanghai algorithm update now is getting faster, because many owners can not see the effect, so I chose to quit, how to stick to the end? The author summed up several kinds of mentality, for discussion of

beginners start website optimization, will inevitably occur or that such errors, this time we need enough patience we have, to find information, analysis of the cause of the problem, to find out the mistakes, so that search engine ranking rules, only careful enough to find others not to notice things, thus than others progress faster.



do anything, no resolution to succeed is not enough, especially the website optimization. In the first few months, probably because of various reasons, his efforts did not see any return, is to insist on or give up? Will test our resolve at this time, the world is always "left for the king", some website optimization Master we see now are faced with difficulties never give up success, as a novice, we should be more determined this.

website optimization is a persevere process, the webmaster every day do do is to update the content, release the chain so few things, occasionally a few days will feel very fresh, if every day is the same set of processes, will inevitably feel very boring, but no way, we chose this a line, there must be a persevere attitude, persevere, will see the results.

Some of the site optimization must have the mentality of several novice persistence