for different types of websites, backstage scoring mechanism is absolutely "basic standards for the index, when unable to meet this standard, then explain your site problems! In order to win the short time traffic, some cheat the user clicks, we sacrifice the long-term interests of this website is really cost-effective


second is the user does not affect the normal play, many sites that call a card ah, this video there, but how many people want to see the video website? So much, no one will hang in a tree, so the evaluation of search engine. Which website video more smoothly, which website a higher resolution of this site

what is the resource effective? Is mainly divided into two aspects: first, real resources, does not exist when advertising is completed, will not prompt "resource does not exist, so seriously hurt the feelings of the user. This point, whether it is for the video download site, or online play, are similarly.

two: the wrong title set


in here after a period of "nine gate" in the search, always find some "complete" such words, do not release the complete official, where are you from? Induce users to click on the search engine, really can not recognize? Do not know if the user browse the "PV" and "time", "bounce rate" and "loyalty" can easily be identified.

any TV people can search: Full HD, HD download, online watch the full version of this habit, but a lot of the time we will find in fact is that some "trailer" or "plot", and even with other resources instead of a film. For example, the recent hit "Albatron ambition" is now updated to 45 sets, however:

Some time ago I also

three: to ensure the effectiveness of


: a false type video

the above behavior belongs to deceive users, but does not meet the principle of search engine, this website will give you love, why Shanghai ranked really do not complain?. So what is the right way? If the trailer will write the trailer, if it is introduced it, then write clearly the plot, not what the word "online watch".

video site unpopular, right down the frequency is far higher than that of other industry websites, what is the difference between the reason, how much do you know? It is a search engine like? In fact, just a lot of the time, we were all wrong! This article will point out these mistakes, if you feel I said, so please pay attention to the WeChat public qq2567173, if you can laugh, flat and uninteresting, after all, master in folk.