first I want to say, feel shy, when Shanghai dragon password forum Shanghai Longfeng keywords ranking fourth I don’t see that let me envy the moment, we all know the keyword ranking floating is normal, just one word only 1 love Shanghai 1W index even have not reached, suddenly changed to fourth. That began at his spent much effort, how much energy up to do, do personal keywords gaming accelerator (between love Shanghai index 12000-2000) website sometimes suddenly ranking on the home page first, even if you use more cattle Shanghai Dragon Technology up to do, why lasted only just a few hours, and then ranking to 100 after it is removed! A bit unstable, it is blowing in

accidentally entered the Shanghai dragon password YY in listen to a class, senior staff inside said: Shanghai dragon ranking no, are some small harm, was attacked resulting, I think this is a gimmick, blowing too far; if it is as you say is you said before the attack, not how many people do you have, how many people are national team? 211 engineers, engineers have Kabbah, God, technology is so powerful, the server is attacked this problem for you is not a piece of cake?, even a server attack thing couldn’t make it not? The problem is a contradiction? Attacks are resolved? Do training after that site is bigger, also attacked, that this is not you never do it? In the top 10, and you are not the only one in Shanghai dragon net Station, Shanghai Phoenix why, chinaz., Zan Hui one day, six degrees space and so on, why not attack others? Will attack you? So i f password Shanghai Dragon said by people, must be a cloud!

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Shanghai dragon training money donated mountain children


in a crooked open class, overheard that Shanghai dragon password training to earn the money to donate to those in need of assistance to children in the mountainous areas, the mountain children did a lot in China >

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nearly one or two months of Shanghai dragon industry fire Shanghai dragon training – Shanghai dragon password, almost All the world knows. forums and blogs, and so on, know as long as you can leave traces on the network where almost all accounted for, I am afraid that the people of Shanghai dragon net not familiar with, it is imagined so hot? After some simple analysis, personal doubts clumps, if you just entered the Shanghai dragon, please read this article to consider, not by its viral marketing type clutches themselves and harm others

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