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company dies, generally has two killers, one is the sound killer – product, one is silent killer – people.

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on the transformation of traditional enterprise Internet, the most terrible of this silent killer, to beware of this silent killer, the United States business big coffee Y Combinator summarizes a series of "startups die guide", worth learning.

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2, another killer is the mobile internet. Catering industry in recent years is the largest mobile Internet industry, an enterprise can not keep up with changes, will be eliminated.

3, silent killer is equity dispute, this reason should be the most critical. Sina interview a Fantong staff: " in March this year, Fantong and investors finally fell out, neither admitted that the company is own, CEO Zang Li never appeared in the company, the company nobody, we can only spread. "

as one of the founding partner of American venture capital firm Y Combinator Jessica · Livingston Jessica Livingston has helped shape a number of heavyweight Silicon Valley startups — online cloud storage service provider Dropbox, short rental housing service website Airbnb, the social news aggregation site Reddit and Stripe, to name a few. As of today, Y Combinator has invested 630 start-up companies. These startups in order to "demo day Demo Day" to show the best state, came to Silicon Valley for a period of three months of training camp to "demo day", these startups will promote its business plan to a selected audience.

1, one of the killers of the rice series is group buying. The internal staff broke the news: the biggest hit Fantong suffered in 2010, when the rapid rise of group purchase website, including the main rival public comment Fantong are invested heavily in group purchase, Fantong is the beginning of hesitation, and then it was forced to follow up, but too slowly, by U.S. competitors fall too much.

right now, Y Combinator is reviewing 3000 applications for training camp this summer, an increase of nearly 20% over last year. Of these 3000 applications, only 2% will be selected. Although the incubator has been successful in the past, however, some start-ups will inevitably disappear without trace. Here, Livingston and <

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recently, a hot spot is the collapse of the rice system, and a ten year old shop has crashed into the public eye with the sudden closure of the website.

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