seventh pictures. The search engine is unable to identify the picture, picture description using ALT tags to increase keyword density, also improve the search engine for the included, title tag to increase keyword density, but also conducive to improve the user experience, put the mouse on the picture title will be displayed, the marketing website will automatically add the

intelligent site map. Site map is the collection of Web links, spiders crawl the site is to grab the site map, the marketing website can automatically generate the site map, every add content, will automatically generate a raise for spider web content grab;

file directory structure optimization. The site directory structure and file name according to the principle of the establishment of search engine optimization, easy to search engine recognition;

marketing website structure flat. The flat structure is set up to facilitate the spiders to crawl the web content, improve the site, to optimize the

introduction: marketing website is much small and medium enterprises welcome, because marketing website content to the user experience, to meet the needs of search engine optimization, to meet the needs of users, to retain customers browsing depth, transformation of mining more potential customers, and comply with the rules of search engine optimization, is to improve the marketing website the search engine friendliness, so as to provide internal marketing website keywords ranking, of course, this is about marketing to search engine optimization is too general, to clearly understand the marketing type website with search engine optimization, have specific understanding of the marketing website every search engine optimization construction rules below, the depth of the network Xiaobian to introduce the marketing website to reflect the optimization of the.

ninth, Links management. Links for optimization plays an important role.


sixth, the navigation text link. As the core content of the site navigation, will use text links, this is conducive to the spider, and set the keywords in the navigation, increase keyword density, but also conducive to improve the user experience, allows users to quickly find the content they want;

Keywords First,

fourth, automatic interconnection. Now love Shanghai search engine reduces the chain for the optimization of the rankings, attaches great importance to internal site construction, increase the keywords within the chain, to improve the spider, centralized key weight lifting keyword ranking;

third, URL pseudo static setting. The dynamic page is not conducive to increasing the complexity of spiders, spiders crawl, static page URL for spiders crawl the site information quickly, so the search engine marketing website more love static pages, can quickly be included;

second, each page meta tag set independently. Each page can be optimized to separate keywords, the purpose is to allow more keywords in the search engine rankings, get more traffic;

Fifth, The Title and Alt properties,