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said the Shanghai dragon website optimization I think everyone will think of the keyword ranking optimization, keyword ranking optimization mainly refers to the variety of search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) way to make our website optimization keywords in the Shanghai dragon in the natural search engine rankings. A Shanghai dragon optimization website wants to get a good ranking in the search engine, so in all settings of the site (set in the station optimization) and station operation (the chain construction) must be in line with the search engine algorithm, a simple search engine to what is said, I will give it what. And ZhengZhan optimization is a comprehensive optimization of a website, comprehensive, it includes a domain name server, web site code optimization, space station, Shanghai station, Shanghai dragon dragon data analysis, policy fine-tuning, multiple aspects of user experience optimization; and (search keywords ranking SEO) are only part of the whole optimization in addition to considering the ranking, pay more attention to the click rate and the conversion rate (the weight of the website and flow). Not to a keyword in a search engine rankings for gains and losses, but the focus of all high quality related keywords in the overall performance of all search engines. Can also say that a part of keyword optimization only ZhengZhan optimization, ZhengZhan optimization contains keywords optimization, from the current customer demand, ZhengZhan optimization services and relative keyword optimization can satisfy the requirements of the customer, has become a mainstream Shanghai dragon industry, by major Shanghai dragon Er people pay attention to. How many say ZhengZhan optimization advantage in that? And who lack of keyword optimization of


Optimization Website optimization mainly as online keyword (search engine optimization ranking before ten), we reached an agreement with the customer is to ensure that key words online, such as the risk of Shanghai dragon Er we have to bear more, we all know that the search engine algorithm is constantly adjusted, though our operation is continuous power to cater to the search engine algorithm changes and continue to change, but the search engine algorithm as far as we cannot control, so the keyword ranking will not be empty, there are some factors, such as Google to a big update, many keywords ranking will decline or can not find the keywords ranking, as this phenomenon some will recover in a period of time, but there are also many such projects may A few months are not able to recover, so that all the operation before we are likely to be in vain, and we need to start from scratch, so I need to put the cost will increase, because we need to invest manpower and resources to project operation (keyword optimization). We all know what customers want is results, see the effect. If they cannot be keyword optimization on-line, we need to take more risk will also include the cost of investment, business confidence, the credibility of the company, these risks are followed, bring certain loss to the company.